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Classroom Management Plan North Sumter Jr. High School 3 rd Grade Ms. D. Gulley.

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1 Classroom Management Plan North Sumter Jr. High School 3 rd Grade Ms. D. Gulley

2 A Message From Your Teacher Welcome to 3 rd grade at North Sumter Jr. High School. My name is Ms. Gulley and I am your teacher this year. I am excited about spending this academic year with you. I just know we’re going to have tons of fun while learning. Our class colors are red and black. Our mascot is the ladybugs. We are calling our class Gulleyville’s 3 rd grade ladybugs. On the next page, you will find our class pledge. You need to learn it as soon as possible. Now find your desk, make it yours, and lets get ready for a roller coaster good year.

3 Classroom Pledge We, the 3 rd grade students of North Sumter Jr. High School, pledge to do our very best each and everyday with no excuses. We will show good character and uphold the high standards set before us by our teachers, principal, parents, and more importantly ourselves. We will come to school daily prepared to learn. In keeping with this pledge, we will follow all the rules listed below or suffer the consequences.  Rule 1: We will respect ourselves and others.  Rule 2: We will use inside voices.  Rule 3: We will walk instead of run.  Rule 4: We will turn homework in on time.  Rule 5: We will know that we are winners and can achieve anything we are presented with. _________________________ _____________ Student’s Signature Date

4 Consequences All students will begin the week with 5 spot ladybug, 1 for each day of the week. Students lose a spot every time a rule is broken. When 3 spots are lost, a behavior note will be sent home and the student will have to write a disciplinary essay. At the end of the week, students with 3 or more spots will be allowed to trade them in for treats, 15 minutes of recess, or a free choice award.  1 spot= silent lunch  2 spots= silent lunch & an extra homework assignment  3 spots= 1, 2, behavior note to parents and disciplinary essay  4 & 5 spots= 1, 2, 3 all privileges are lost. Student will be on punishment and seated in a desk away from the others. {All apologies are written not just spoken}

5 Morning Routine 1.Students will enter the room quietly, unpack backpacks, and store them in their cubbies. 2.Students will begin the morning assignment that is placed on the board (DOL, DOM, DOV). 3.Students will stand and participate in the school wide morning duty. After which, the students will remain standing and recite our classroom pledge. 4.Then continue working on the morning assignment. If finished early, students will read silently until the teacher calls the class to order.

6 Other Routines 1.Every morning in the gym, you will sit in a perfect circle and silently read a chapter book until time to go. 2.We walk in a straight line in the hallways and everywhere we go. 3.We are always quiet when in a line, in assembly programs, and when someone walks in to see the teacher. 4.The full dress code will be worn everyday. (No more. No less. No exceptions) 5.All pencils are sharpened in the afternoon or at home. They will not to be sharpened in the morning. 6.Stay in your seat until given permission to get up by the teacher.

7 Cheating 1.Cheating is not tolerated. 2.It is defined as copying off another student’s work, using notes or any other form of information that the students may attempt to use to aide them in getting an acceptable grade without permission, and/or allowing someone copy your work. 3.First Offense 1.The student receives a zero on the assignment and the parents will be contacted. 4.Second Offense 1.The students receives a zero, the parent is contacted, and there will be a conference with the teacher, parent, principal, and the student.

8 Policy For Making Up Work 1.After an absence, students will have 2 days to bring in a written excuse before missed work can be made up. After those 2 days, work can not be made up. 2.Since classroom work can not be taken home, missed work will be completed during morning work and any other free time the student may have. 3.The students will have the same amount of days that they were absent to complete missed assignments. This includes homework. (2 missed days=2 days to complete missed work) {All excuses must contain the date of the absence and the parent’s signature. A doctor’s excuse is preferred if the child is absent due to illness}

9 Scheduling Meetings 1.Most teacher parent meetings will be held with the student present. 2.No meetings will be scheduled between the hours of 7:45a.m.-3:00p.m. 3.If meetings need to be scheduled, contact me through the school’s office: 205-455-2422. 4.There will be a number of class meetings set this year, so please make time to attend. You will be notified in advance.

10 Progress Reports/Graded Work Graded work will be sent home in a folder once every week. The parent should sign the folder and every grade lower than 70%. These folders should be returned the next day. (No Excuses) Progress reports will be sent home periodically through the year. They must be signed and returned the next day. (No Excuses)

11 Homework/Day Planners 1.Homework will factor into the 9 week grades. 2.It should be turned in on time. 3.If a student is absent, homework will not be excepted until a written excuse from the parent or doctor is submitted. (Refer to Page 8) 4.Students will be required to keep a day planner. In it, they will write homework assignments and important dates. Parents must sign it on the right page each night.

12 Grading Procedures A syllabus will be given to each child at the beginning of each grading period. A project will be due each grading period. 100-90=A 89-80=B 79-70=C 69-60=D 59-0=F {I do not give grades. ALL ARE EARNED by the parents and students}

13 Classroom Management Contract I have read the classroom management plan and fully understand the guidelines and expectations. As a student, I will follow these rules and guidelines and I will keep it in my notebook as a reminder of what is expected of me. ___________________ _____________ Student Signature Date I have read the classroom management plan and fully understand the guidelines and expectations. As a parent, I will follow these rules and guidelines and ensure that my student does the same. I will also help my child with his or her homework. Finally, I will call for help if we don’t understand what to do. _________________ _____________ Parent’s Signature Date

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