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Chemistry AP & Honors Gifted Rules & Procedures

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1 Chemistry AP & Honors Gifted Rules & Procedures
Ms. Ginory-Perez’s Chemistry Class TERRA Environmental Research Institute

2 Class Rules You must enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner. You must be in your assigned seat and ready before the bell rings You must not prepare to leave the class until the teacher has indicated that you may do so Listen and follow directions the first time they are given You must bring the necessary materials to class everyday. Your notebook should be ready for me to collect and evaluate at any time

3 Class Rules Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Respect yourself, respect others and their property. It is mandatory to complete all the assignments (both in and out of the class) and if ever absent, get the make up work, complete it, and turn it in within two days of your absence.

4 Course Description In this course the student will learn about:
the process of chemistry the interaction between chemistry and matter the types of reactions and bonds and how they correlate to processes both living and nonliving around us and finally, the nature of chemistry with our environment.

5 Materials Make sure you have all necessary materials for the class.
Laptop Or if no laptop Jump drive 2” inch ring binder Loose leaf paper Subject separators 1 subject notebook Or Electronic notebook with downloaded notes and ability to take notes Pens: Blue or Black ink only Pencils Whiteout bottle Colored Pencils-12 pack Highlighters-multiple colors Calculator Ruler

6 Course Objectives The student understands that all matter has observable, measurable properties. The student understands the basic principles of atomic theory. The student recognizes that energy may be changed in form with varying efficiency. The student understands the interaction of matter and energy. The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources. The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems. The student understands that most natural events occur in comprehensible, consistent patterns. The student understands that science, technology, and society are interwoven and interdependent.

7 Science Notebook You should have a CHEMISTRY FOLDER on your LAPTOP or SCIENCE NOTEBOOK which will be used only for your CHEMISTRY class. (A wire bound notebook is recommended.) Notebooks Only: The first page should be the title page. CHEMISTRY SCIENCE Write your full name, class period, and the date on every page IMPORTANT: DATE EACH PAGE!!!!! Both: For each day: Write your name, the date, THE DAILY OBJECTIVES, your vocabulary words, their definitions, Home Learning and your notes. Keep your notebook clean and organized. Your notebook will be checked monthly!! Take good care of your notebook. Do not lose it. You will need it to study.

8 After Finishing assignment
Check your work and the directions one more time to see if you missed anything or did something incorrectly. If the assignment is to be turned in, do so. Look up the definitions to your vocabulary words. Start or complete your homework.

9 Home learning Home learning assignments will be given periodically.
Due date will be determined upon assignment of work Under no exceptions will a home learning assignment be accepted late

Make sure to give me your tardy pass before you walk out of the class Don’t interrupt class, pick an appropriate time to give me your pass

11 Bathroom Pass Personal needs should be taken care of during the five minutes between classes. However, in the event that it is EXTREMELY needful: Students will be allowed bathroom privileges Raise your hand to ask permission to use the bathroom Bathroom pass located on top of file cabinet in the back in the lab room and near the exit door in the classroom If this privileged is abused (for example, by taking too much time or wandering around), the student will forfeit this privilege. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!

12 LAB Report Lab Reports are very important to your grades.
Learning how to do a good Lab Report now will help you in your future courses. The details of how to write a Lab Report will be covered later.

13 grading Your grade in this class will be based upon labs, tests, projects, class work, and home learning. Grading scale will be Home learning and class work: 1 grade Quizzes: 1 grade Tests: 2 grades Labs: 2 grades Grade value of projects determined when assigned

14 Student and Parental Contract
Parent Statement My child has shared the CLASS RULES AND PROCEDURES POLICY with me so that I can assist my child in maximizing his/her learning potential. I will keep abreast of my child’s activities in the class and monitor my child’s progress through interim reports, report cards and personal contact with the teacher. Parent Signature__________________________________________ Print Name_______________________________________________ Date___________________________________________________ Student Statement The class rules have been reviewed with me, so I am fully aware of what is expected of me. As a student in her class, I agree to fully abide by this policy in order to do the best I can to succeed! Student Signature_________________________________________

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