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Welcome! Mrs. Mukhopadhyay American Government. Word of the Day Haven noun: safe place, refuge Norco is a haven for seagulls, thanks to lunch trash.

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1 Welcome! Mrs. Mukhopadhyay American Government

2 Word of the Day Haven noun: safe place, refuge Norco is a haven for seagulls, thanks to lunch trash.

3 Course Goals You will learn the fundamental principles of American Democracy as expressed in the US Constitution. You will analyze the roles and responsibilities of the three branches of Government and study the development of different political systems across time. You will complete research projects and gain experience in making oral presentations.

4 Text You will be using MaGruder’s “American Government’ as your text. You are responsible for checking it out from the text book room. You may keep your book in the classroom drawer provided you take responsibility of your own book. You will use books regularly in class so bring it every day.

5 Grades You will earn your grade by showing mastery of the skills practiced in class. These include reading, writing and class participation. You will have ample opportunity to show your skills through homework, class work, projects and tests. You will also receive a class participation grade every day that you attend this class. **Note: if you are absent, you cannot earn class participation points!** This is my grading scale: A:90-100% B: 80-89% C: 70-79% D: 60-69% F: 0-59%

6 Homework Homework will be assigned once every month. All homework will be worth 100 points and will entail outside research, study and presentation. You can earn 100% on homework by giving it an honest effort and turning it in on time. Late homework will be worth a maximum of 80%. Materials Bring a notebook, paper, pencil and pen to class every day. If you are missing supplies, you will lose participation points.

7 Attendance You need to come to class every day. If you don’t, you will lose your daily class participation points. If you are tardy to class, you will lose half of your class participation points for the day. Two tardies will result in a ½ hour detention and call/email home. The third will result in a 1-hour detention and call/email home. On the fourth, a referral will be written.

8 15/10 Rule Teachers are not allowed to write passes for students for any reason during the first fifteen or the last ten minutes of class. You will soon learn that I follow all school rules. Don’t even bother asking!

9 Behavior I expect you to respect the following class rules: –Be in your seat when the bell rings. –No food, drinks, or gum in class. (Put your drink bottle on the table at the front of the room if it is not ready for the recycling bin. No drinks or food by your seat.) –Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. –Raise your hand before speaking. –Follow directions the first time. –Respect others. –Don’t interfere with each other’s right to learn. First infraction: warning, loss of points. Second infraction: detention, call/email home. Any detention not served will be doubled. Doubled detention not served will be referred to an assistant principal. I reserve the right to skip warning and detention stages in a case of extremely disruptive or rude behavior.

10 A Note About Cell Phones and iPods. Cell phones and iPods are to be turned off and put away when inside the classroom. This is your only warning. iPods are not allowed on campus. I know you have them, but don’t let me see them or your headphones, or I will take them away. If your phone goes off or I catch you texting, I will take it away and turn it in to the office. I will not be nice and give it back at the end of the period. Don’t even bother asking.

11 First Homework Assignment Sign the course outline and get a parent’s signature tonight. Turn it in tomorrow and earn 10 points. Parents must sign the back of the paper as well.

12 How can I make sure I have a good year? Always do your homework. It is not difficult and it is predictable. It is an easy way to earn 25% of your grade in my class. Be here on time every day, unless excused by a parent. I will use web tools to clear absences and to assign detentions. When in class, follow the rules and participate in activities and discussions. Class participation is 20% of your grade. Projects and activities completed in class make up at least 25% of your grade.

13 What will we do in class? Art ProjectsLots of Work Watch MoviesPresentations and Debates

14 What about tests? I’m horrible at tests! Tests make up the last 30% of your grade. If you come to class everyday, complete all the activities, and do all of your homework, you can get a lower grade on your tests and still get a C in the class. If you do all that, you won’t get a 0 on tests, I guarantee it!

15 Get Ready for Graduation 2012! If they made it, so can you!

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