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Welcome World History Mr. Patrick

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1 Welcome World History Mr. Patrick

2 Do Now Slide Favorite Part of History - Least Favorite Part of History -

3 Henry Hudson Mission Statement The mission of the Henry Hudson Regional School is to offer a curriculum that fosters high academic achievement and prepares individuals to succeed in a changing technological society. In partnership with our community, Henry Hudson Regional will support all our students' efforts to meet and exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels. Students will be provided the opportunity through school and community partnership activities: To develop self esteem and character; To communicate effectively; To think critically to solve problems; To learn respect for cultural differences; To work cooperatively with other

4 Classroom Rules 1. Display RESPECT at ALL times -Respect both your teachers and classmates -Special attention will be given to the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy 2. Show up to class on time -Attendance will be taken daily 3. Stay seated until the bell rings 4. No profanity of any kind 5. NO cell phones -These devices are prohibited and may be removed from the classroom

5 What happens if you break the Rules?? 1 st offense = Warning 2 nd offense = Detention 3 rd offense = Parent contact 4 th offense = Referral

6 Absent Work You should go to the teacher and ask what assignments you have missed. Upon your return you should also… - Ask a classmate for the notes or any work from the previous day - Bring in a note from your parent, guardian or doctor stating the reason for your absence

7 Late Work -It’s important to hand in all work on its due date so full credit can be received -If you are absent, you must hand in work the day after you return -However, if for some reason you do hand in late work, you will lose points. 1 day late = Half credit 2 days late = No credit

8 Grading Policy Homework= 20% Class Participation= 10% (Includes the notebook and classwork) Quizzes= 25% Test= 45% Projects/Reports= Will either be a quiz or test grade

9 Cheating Any student found to be cheating will receive a zero for the assignment, test, quiz, or project in question. Cheating includes copying answers from other students on homework and classwork assignments as well as on quizzes and tests. If a student allows another student to copy answers from them, they will receive a zero as well for the assignment, test, quiz, or project. Any student who is talking during a test/quiz will also be given a zero. This is done to ensure a quiet testing environment.

10 Plagiarism Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. That is, students may not submit any writings, passages, or ideas as originals when those writings, passages, or ideas are those of another. A student who plagiarizes or is involved in plagiary will receive a zero (0) for the assignment.” A student who is accused of plagiarism will have a copy of the assignment mailed home to his/her parents/guardians along with any other information that the teacher feels needs to be included. A copy of the assignment will be retained by the teacher for their records.

11 Materials needed to be successful in this class 3 ringer binder (1 inch) Loose paper Dividers Pen/Pencils Yourself

12 Binder Sections 1. Warm ups 2. Notes 3. Classwork 4. Homework 5. Test/Quizzes

13 Daily Warms Up There will be one on the board almost everyday. Develop your own warm up page. It is very important to date them You must answer them with complete sentences (unless the teacher tells you other wise).

14 Extra Help I will be staying after school two days a week I arrive to school early every morning I am also available by appointment - Let me know a day that works for you *I want everyone to succeed and do well, so I will do everything I can to be available for extra help*

15 Topics Addressed in this class -Industrial Revolution -Imperialism -Global Transformation -World War I -Revolution and Nationalism - World War II -Post War Era -Impact of new Technologies

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