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1 Answering Questions (AFFIRMATIVE ANSWERS ONLY)
Unité 2 Answering Questions (AFFIRMATIVE ANSWERS ONLY)

2 Il/Elle Question: Paul parle français?
When you come across a question ABOUT another person or people it will be answered very simply. This type of question will be answered with a OUI and the same subject and verb structure. Question: Paul parle français? Answer: Oui, Paul parle français. Notice how the subject and verb are in the SAME word order and have NOT changed at all. The only addition is the “oui”

3 Ils/elles The same rules apply to questions about 2+ people or “Ils/Elles” Question: Sophie et Marie regardent la télé? Oui, Sophie et Marie (elles) regardent la télé.

4 Tu Questions directed to TU are slightly different.
ANY TIME A QUESTION IS ASKED (either in writing or in speaking) IT MUST BE ANSWERED WITH “JE” AND THE CORRESPONDING VERB FORM. Question: Tu écoutes le rap? (Do you listen to rap?) Answers: Oui, j’écoute le rap.

5 Vous Since “Vous” means “You” it can also be answered with JE and the corresponding verb form. However, since “Vous” can also mean “You” (PLURAL---y’all/ you all) it can also be answered with “NOUS” (meaning “We”), and the corresponding verb form. The change from VOUS to JE or NOUS MUST HAPPEN!!!

6 Vous (continued) Question:
Vous parlez français? (Do you speak French?) Possible answers: Oui, je parle français. OR Oui, nous parlons français. (NB—we are avoiding the “NON” answer at this point)

7 Est-ce que…? If you see the expression “Est-ce qu(e)….?” at the beginning of a question, it has NO FUNCTION other than to introduce a question. It just lets you know that a question is next. IGNORE IT---it does NOT EVER appear in your answer. Question: Est-ce que Sophie aime Paul? (Does Sophie love Paul?) Answer: Oui, Sophie aime Paul.

8 Pratique—answer the following questions in a complete sentence in French
Est-ce que tu écoutes le reggae? Sonia aime Éric? Vous dansez bien? Est-ce que Paul et Juliette parlent beaucoup?

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