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Les pronoms français Or… French pronouns.

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1 Les pronoms français Or… French pronouns

2 Pronouns…what are they?
How about some English pronouns? You I they she Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns. They are usually much shorter words to use and make it easier to speak.

3 Pronoun Chart--must write it down!!!
Singular 1st I 2nd you 3rd he,she, it Plural We you they

4 Now let’s do that en francais!
nous vous ils,elles je tu il,elle,on

5 Now, why is this so important?!
…because this is how we learn to use our verbs! Verbs are funny words…they change and we don’t even realize it!

6 One more thing before you go… what happens when you are not given the pronoun? How to figure this out! For example: The teacher: what pronoun could replace this? Your friend and you: which pronoun replaces this? Par exemple: Michel et moi: pronom? Les copines: pronom?

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