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EDGE Institute 2014 Movie Maker/Using the Laptop Cameras Aubrey Buerstatte Horizon Elementary.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 Movie Maker/Using the Laptop Cameras Aubrey Buerstatte Horizon Elementary

2 Agenda Connect to TPEP Examples from NW Planning to use with students Basics of laptop cameras Basics of Movie Maker

3 Session 4: Assessment Assessment for Learning- What strategies will provide evidence of student learning? – Alternative format for teacher to provide opportunity for all students to demonstrate learning & to inform instruction – Gathers comprehensive information on both process and content

4 Your Thoughts… What are you hoping to get out of session? How are you thinking about using Movie Maker with students? Name, school, grade/subject

5 SWIFT Site SWIFT – EDGE Institute site Frequently Used Links Student Tools – SWIFT District Office Edge Institute Session 4 Movie Maker

6 Session Objectives and Success Criteria Objectives; participants will understand: – Basics of using the laptop cameras – Basics of creating a Movie Maker playable video file Success Criteria; participants can: – Create a movie file using the laptop camera – Create a Movie Maker file using video clips – Render a Movie Maker file through the final process to create a standalone video clip.

7 Basics of Laptop Cameras: 1 Start menu, in search box at bottom, type webcam. Double click WebCam Companion Click Capture From drop down arrow on right, choose 640x480. Click on Full Screen icon Adjust sound and laptop lid for best view. Look directly at the camera before you speak When ready, click on movie icon on right side of screen to start Click the movie icon again to stop Click on the X to return to main screen; all captures are on left side. You can replay from here to check for quality. Repeat steps to record as needed.

8 Basics of Laptop Cameras: 2 To save confusion later and space on your laptop, delete your unwanted captures by clicking to select the capture, then clicking the trash can icon on the bottom. When you have the capture that is what you want, right click on that ‘screenshot’ and select ‘ find target’. That will take you to the folder of that recording. Click and drag this shot to your OneNote file. Choose Insert a copy of the file on the pop-up Options window Note: these files can be dropped anywhere. Including Movie Maker.

9 Student assessment of… Start with the end in mind; What do you want students to learn? Content? Technology? Both?

10 Planning to use with students Teach Routines Provide Scaffolds Allow for collaboration - let kids learn from each other!

11 Basics of Movie Maker maker2 maker2 us/windows-vista/make-a-movie-in-four- simple-steps us/windows-vista/make-a-movie-in-four- simple-steps

12 Basics of Movie Maker Create a desktop folder for all components of Movie(sound, video, pictures, etc) Have students copy this each day to H: drive by.

13 Basics of Movie Maker- Steps!

14 Basics of Movie Maker- Timeline

15 Basics of Movie Maker- Get started! Create a folder on your desktop Move your camera videos there Move videos from My Computer, Desktop, Video too:

16 Continuing Support Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center Watch a tutorial through Atomic Learning. Login to Enter the username and password that you use to login to your KSD computer

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