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EDGE Institute 2014 Smart Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit Lexi Samorano.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 Smart Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit Lexi Samorano

2 Agenda Domain and Guiding Questions Objectives and Success Criteria Overview How to Access the Toolkit Options in the Toolkit Your Turn to Try Tips Continuing Support

3 Session Domain and Guiding Questions Guiding Questions What strategies do students use to acquire and integrate their learning? What strategies will help students practice, review, and apply their learning? Success Criteria Teachers will know at least one Smart Notebook strategy help students acquire, integrate, practice, review, or apply their learning.

4 Session Objectives and Success Criteria Objective Teachers will be able to use tools in Smart Notebook to help student acquire, integrate, practice, review or apply learning. Success Criteria I will be able to: Create a lesson using one tool Create a review using one tool

5 Overview It offers a quick and convenient way to get started with the SMART interactive whiteboard. Teachers can choose from more than 10,000 teacher-created and SMART-created lesson activities. Each one contains engaging and interactive content and is correlated to curriculum standards for all grade levels. Our lesson activities provide an ideal way to support differentiated or personalized instruction.

6 How To Access The Toolkit Open Smart Notebook from the program menu. (Be careful not to open Smart Notebook Tools.) Click on the Gallery icon. Click on Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0.

7 Options in the Toolkit

8 Activities There are over a dozen types of customizable activities including: anagram, category sort, image match, keyword match, multiple choice, pairs, tiles and word guess.

9 Games It provides game pieces such as cards, checkerboards and dominos, as well as Adobe® Flash® games such as Sudoku and a crossword generator tool.

10 Graphics Icons, borders and images from the Graphics folder help you create sophisticated and engaging lessons. You can drag title bars and pull tabs directly onto a Notebook page.

11 Pages Ready-made pages make it easy for you to quickly create common lesson activities and add structure and style to your lessons. You can find templates for title pages and blank lesson activity pages, as well as fill-in the blank, question and Venn diagram templates.

12 Tools This folder includes several Adobe Flash tools that you can use to add interactivity to your lesson activities. These tools include click and reveal tools, customizable keyword dice, random card, number and color generators, random group generators, scrolling text bars and many more.

13 Examples The Examples folder contains sample Activities, Games, Pages and Tools, as well as a Help folder containing links to online help resources such as the SMART Exchange and instructional videos. Explore these files to learn how to use a game or activity in class, or to see creative uses for some of the available tools.

14 Your Turn Open the Smart Notebook file from the Edge website. Tinker with the tools I have provided or make your own from scratch Decide which tool you would use for a lesson and a review. If you don’t have Smart technology on your laptop, you can go to the SWIFT site and download the trial version.

15 Tips For help- click this once you open the activity Press the Edit button to customize the activity To complete text fields, type or drag text from a Notebook page or another application into the text field To ensure that others can’t edit your game, select the Password box and set a password. This action prevents students from accidentally accessing the edit area of the activity during class. Many of the activities and games include a Check button that you can press to grade the activity, a Reset button that you can press to clear the activity and a Solve button that you can press to display the correct answers. These buttons allow you to review the activity with the entire class.

16 Continuing Support Check out the Help Center in Staff Link – Lesson Activity Toolkit Guide – How to install the Lesson ActivityToolkit Get tutorials through Atomic Learning Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center

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