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EDGE Institute 2014 Student Research Resources Cyndy Olson.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 Student Research Resources Cyndy Olson

2 Agenda Domain and Guiding Questions Objectives and Success Criteria Research Time/Demands KSD Research References Note Taking Strategies Exploration and Practice Continuing Support

3 Session Domain and Guiding Questions Domain – Curriculum and Pedagogy Guiding Questions – What strategies will help students practice, review and apply their learning? – How will students track and maintain focused, on- topic research? – How can you as a teacher help them be the most successful in setting up a system of success?

4 Session Objectives and Success Criteria Objective – Teachers will have a familiarity with the resource options available through the KSD Resource Reference Launch page. In addition, teachers will be familiar with navigating the site to better help students find needed materials and references. Success Criteria – I will be able to: navigate the new KSD resource reference webpage to find information, sources and materials. track information and/or take notes with OneNote (or an alternate program) while navigating the webpage.

5 Research Time/Demands Research requirements have risen. Students need to know how to: – conduct research – determine reliable sources – cite sources correctly – track information/data – narrow down an abundance of information – keep all their time on-line ‘school appropriate’ – meet deadlines and due dates for multiple classes/assignments

6 KSD Resource References Old Page: (Do not use “brown page”…it is going away.) New Page:

7 Taking Notes with OneNote Open OneNote Dock to Desktop – Allows you to take notes while you research. – Students can take screen clips (which will give webpage and date/time information). – Nice way to organize by class, subject or topic (easy to move around at a later day/time). Notes can be taken with split screen in Word or other programs as well.

8 Your turn to explore Open the link for the ‘New’ Page Goals: – Navigate through the site to find resources in differing subjects. – Try taking notes (maybe make a list of interesting sites you could use with your class next fall).

9 Continuing Support (edit as necessary) Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center Watch a tutorial through Atomic Learning

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