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EDGE Institute 2014 Discovery Education Lexi Samorano.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 Discovery Education Lexi Samorano

2 Agenda Domain and Guiding Question Objectives and Success Criteria Overview Location & Log In Edit Profile My Content Builder Tools Classroom Management Continuing Support

3 Session Domain and Guiding Question Domain Student Engagement Guiding Question What strategies help students take ownership and independence in their own learning?

4 Session Objective and Success Criteria Objective Teacher will know how to engage their students while they independently learn with at least one feature of Discovery Education. Success Criteria I will be able to: Access & organize digital content Create lessons with digital content

5 Overview It transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content. It offers a portfolio of opportunities for the digital age with standards-aligned digital content, interactive lessons, and real time assessment for any subject.

6 Location Type in the URL OR click on Frequently Used KSD Links => Under Online Resources click on Discovery Streaming Log In This should be the same as the username and password that you use to login to your KSD computer.

7 Edit Profile You can click on edit profile to personalize your information. This will help find relevant material faster, and network with others in the school (if you choose to use that feature).

8 Most Common Used Tools Organize selected resources Build lessons, assignments, projects and assessments Manage class rosters, students’ accounts, and see assignment and assessment results

9 How To Get Started Start with an idea, concept or a standard.

10 Types of Content Media: Activity, Animation, Article, Assignment, Audio, Board, Clip Art, Constructed Response, Content Collection, Document, Encyclopedia Article, Event, Exploration, Full-Video, Fun- damental, Game, Glossary Term, Graphic Organizer, Handout, Image, Integrated Science Simulation, Interactive Map, Interactive Video, Learning Guide, Lesson Plan, Link, Math Exploration, Math Overview, Presentation, Quiz, Reading Passage, Resource, Skill Builder, Song, Sound Effect, Video Segment, Virtual Lab, Worksheet and Writing Prompt – Closed Captioning, Primary Source Subject: Career, English, Health, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts and Languages Grades : K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, various Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese

11 How To Get Started Continued Once you have searched you will have a menu of resources You can narrow the results by using the options on the left side of the screen.

12 Select Your Content When you find a resource you can add it to My Content. Click on the blue arrow and select Add to My Content

13 Select You Content Continued I recommend that you make a folder before adding the resource. However, you can organize it later if you forget.

14 Upload Your Own Content You can upload your own resources Click on My Content, and then Upload It supports a huge list of image, document, audio and video file extensions

15 Quick List If you want to bookmark the resource, but not add it to My Content yet, you can use the Quick List.

16 Your Turn Sign in Think of a lesson or standard that digital information could enhance the level of student engagement. Search for media and add it to My Content

17 Assignment Builder Click on Builder Tools, and then Assignment Builder It will prompt you to fill out basic information, and then pick the resources you would like to use.

18 Assignment Builder Continued On this screen click on Edit to enter instructions, objectives and any notes. You can add addition sections. You can attach documents to any section.

19 Assignment Builder Continued The next screen allows you to set start/end dates and assign the class that will complete the assignment.

20 Writing Prompt Builder The directions to build this is same as the Assignment Builder. The difference between the Assignment and Writing Prompt Builders – Build and store assignments for your students that use curriculum content. – Give students writing practice with these images that include composition prompts. In short…the format or the tasks are a bit different.

21 Board Builder This is a dynamic way of presenting a lesson. Offers a variety of templates or create your own. You can add any content – video, image, and writing. Great for presenting a concept in different ways.

22 Your Turn Try adding the media to the Assignment, Writing or Board Builder. And then develop the rest of the Builder.

23 Share Content You can share lessons with other in the school or district. This would be great for PLC lessons. Make sure to use folders and label the lesson well so it stays organized.

24 Create A Class Click on Classroom manager Click Create a Class from School Roster Choose a class name. I suggest using school’s name_teacher’s_Period. – KM_Samorano_Period 1 Click on the box next to your students’ names. Click save.

25 Student Log In Students can log in with their KSD log in and password. Students can personalize this page with one of 22 backgrounds Students can click on assignments to find any work that teachers have assigned. They can search for their own content and save it to their Favorites or Quick List They can create their Own Board Builder with content There is a small like of educational games available

26 Access Student Work Hover over Classroom Manager Click on Results By Class or Results By Student – this will take you to the Assignment Manager Click on the Assignment’s name to see the student’s work You can also click on Student Boards to see their Board Builders.

27 Continuing Support Discovery Education Professional Development (see tab in your account) Atomic Learning (KSD Frequently Used Links) Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center

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