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Summer Institute 2014 Atomic Learning Laurie Kirkland.

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1 Summer Institute 2014 Atomic Learning Laurie Kirkland

2 Agenda CEL 5D+ alignment Objectives of the session What is Atomic Learning? – What it can do for you – What does it deliver Accessing Atomic Learning Finding content Adding content to your LMS or website Resources and Support

3 Session 2: Student Engagement SE2 – Ownership of learning – Just in time training – What do they really need to know? – What do they want to learn? - Choice SE4 –Strategies that capitalize and build upon learning needs of students – Be able to assign tutorials and projects to students – Take the assessments to see what the students know and don’t know – Just in time training – “there is a tutorial for that” What strategies help students take ownership and independence in their learning?

4 Session Objectives and Success Criteria The main objective of this session is to provide an overview of Atomic Learning and how you can access and use the program By the end of the session, you can  Search for tutorials and projects  Use the filtering options to narrow your search  Understand the structure of the site  Launch tutorials  Add tutorials to eLearning or website  Locate help and resources for Atomic Learning

5 Atomic Learning Tech Training and Integration Resources Atomic Learning Overview Video

6 STUDENTS STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT career-readiness college-readiness engaged learning teacher improvement technology literacy guide self-lead learning 21 st century education teacher effectiveness lifelong learning impact students Why does it matter?

7 What’s in it for YOU? Atomic Learning helps you and your students use and integrate technology with confidence. Build Understanding Put Concepts into Practice Reflect & Apply

8 How Atomic Learning Delivers Technology Skill Assessment Tools Provides the ability to prescribe training and assign courses both as a staff development tool and as a classroom tool with your students – with certificates of completion Over 55,000 tutorials on a plethora of programs Classroom-ready technology projects Common Core aligned lessons Workshops on emerging ed-tech topics Atomic Learning Site Intro video

9 How Do You Access Atomic Learning? KSD staff KSD staff in the fall - – Go to Frequently Used Links – Help – Atomic Learning link Out of district: login: kentsearch password: welcome

10 Who can access Atomic Learning? All KSD staff – with your KSD username and password All KSD students – their KSD username and password All parents of KSD students – Login: kentsearch password: welcome

11 Searching for Content Practice – Want to know how to use conditional formatting in Excel – Excel 2010 – need to know what program version you have – Filters – tutorials, projects and PC Search for “Sparklines” or “Twitter” Notice the Practice and Quiz sets at the bottom Go back to Home page: Click on the Weekly Giveaway link.. Watch the tutorial and fill out the form – you could win the t-shirt

12 Adding Favorites Click the Star to the right of the tutorial to add this to your personal favorites list Home – Favorites to see your list You can also assign yourself tutorials to watch

13 How do I add content from Atomic Learning to eLearning or SWIFT sites? SWIFT For getting a large number of links at once: Create Easy Links tool on left margin Click the boxes of those tutorials you want to include Click Preview Easy Links Copy and paste the hyperlink list or get the HTML from the button option. eLearning Under Add Resource choose External Tool External Tool type dropdown – choose Atomic Learning – Save and Display Search for your content and click the appropriate check boxes Preview - submit Watch video for more information Watch video

14 View How to Use Atomic Learning TutorialsAtomic Learning Tutorials Join a free webinar on Atomic Learning for new usersfree webinar Check out the What’s New on the What’s Hot pageWhat’s Hot Sign up for the monthly eNewslettereNewsletter Follow Atomic Learning on Facebook and TwitterFacebookTwitter Check out the Atomic Learning Blog Atomic Learning Blog Share this resource- accessible to staff, students & parents Getting Started and Support

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