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EDGE Institute 2014 OneNote and Engagement Colindra Connolly.

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1 EDGE Institute 2014 OneNote and Engagement Colindra Connolly

2 Agenda Engagement Session Objectives Introduction to OneNote Engagement in CEL 5D+ Engaging through OneNote Hands on time Continuing Support and Questions Agenda for today

3 Evidence: The Need for Engagement “Research (McCormick, 2012) shows that the more students are engaged in their work, the better they like school and the more they succeed. Studies show students become more disengaged from school as they progress from elementary to middle to high school (Steinberg & Almeida). By high school as many as 40% to 60% of students become chronically disengaged from school – urban, suburban, and rural. This does not include students who have dropped out (Skinner & Belmont, 1993). Student engagement at the classroom level has been found to be a positive predictor of desirable outcomes: graduation rates, grades, satisfaction with school regardless of socioeconomic status (Klem & Connell, 2003).” - Tammy Stephens Ed.D

4 Evidence: The Need for Engagement What can we do to engage students and give them their best chance at liking school, being successful, graduating?

5 Agenda Explore OneNote basics and examples Reflect on how to use OneNote to engage students By the end of the session today you should be able to: Navigate the basic components of OneNote List three ways to engage students using OneNote Session Objectives

6 OneNote Basics





11 -Collect screen clippings -Email meeting notes -Tag important items -Collect articles from the web -Keep documents in one location -Annotate lecture slide printouts -Link notes and tasks to outlook -Use automatic calculator and language functions -Record audio or video How can these processes be used to better engage students?

12 Evidence and CEL 5D+ How do DISTINGUISHED educators engage their students in their INTELLECTUAL WORK: Frequently ask questions to probe and deepen students’ understanding or uncover misconceptions. Assist students in clarifying and assessing their thinking with one another. Teach students to question each other to probe for deeper thinking. Consistently provide opportunities and strategies for students to take ownership of their learning.

13 Evidence and CEL 5D+ How do DISTINGUISHED educators engage their students through ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES: Have expectations and strategies that engage all students in work of high cognitive demand. Use strategies that capitalize and build upon learning needs of students – academic background, life experiences, culture and language of students – for the whole group, small groups of students and individual students. Set expectations and provide support for strategies that facilitate participation and meaning making by students. Provide opportunity for quality talk and routines that are student-led.

14 Evidence and CEL 5D+ How do DISTINGUISHED educators engage their students through TALK: Create an environment where student-to-student talk reflects knowledge and ways of thinking associated with content. Have students provide evidence to support their arguments and new ideas.

15 OneNote Basics Getting Started: How do you create a new file in other Microsoft programs? Great! In OneNote you do the same thing with one small difference: choose where to save your work initially and then NEVER SAVE AGAIN!!!

16 OneNote Basics Getting Started: Open OneNote from the start menu. Follow as prompted to create a new binder and fill it!

17 OneNote Basics 1. Click the File tab 2. Click New 3. Select My Computer 4. Name the Notebook 5. Decide where to save it 6. Click Create

18 OneNote Basics Tabs and Ribbons let you choose functions just like in any other Microsoft Office program.

19 OneNote Basics Getting Started: From the KSD Edge website, double click on each OneNote section to open. Once open, grab the section tab with your mouse and drag and drop to your binder to save it. You never need to save again!

20 Engagement and One Note In what other ways could you use OneNote to engage students through engagement strategies, intellectual work and talk? Discuss with the person sitting next to you, come up with one idea and share!

21 Continuing Support Call or email the Customer Support Center. – Extension 7030 – Email to CSC Check out the Help Center in Staff Link.Help Center Watch a tutorial through Atomic Learning.

22 Q and A

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