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The Republican Party & President William H. Taft.

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4 The Republican Party & President William H. Taft

5 Keep the Whistle Blowing Taft was determined to defeat TR and preserve the conservative heart of the Republican Party.

6 Come, Mr. President. You Cant Have the Stage ALL of the Time!

7 Republican Party Platform High import tariffs. Put limitations on female and child labor. Workman s Compensation Laws. Against initiative, referendum, and recall. Against bad trusts. Creation of a Federal Trade Commission. Stay on the gold standard. Conservation of natural resources because they are finite.

8 The GOP After the Circus TR The Republican Party must stand for the rights of humanity, or else it must stand for special privilege.

9 The Progressive Party & Former President Theodore Roosevelt People should rise above their sectarian interests to promote the general good.

10 Theodore Roosevelt at Osawatomie, KS: New Nationalism Big business requires big government.

11 The Anti- Third- Term Principle

12 TheBull Moose Party: The Latest Arrival at the Political Zoo We stand at Armageddon, and we battle for the Lord! ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!

13 Progressive Party Platform Women s suffrage. Graduated income tax. Inheritance tax for the rich. Lower tariffs. Limits on campaign spending. Currency reform. Minimum wage laws. Strict regulation of corporations. Abolition of child labor. Workmen s compensation. NewNationalismNewNationalismNewNationalismNewNationalism

14 The Democratic Party & Governor Woodrow Wilson (NJ) Could he rescue the Democratic Party from Bryanism ??

15 The Reform Governor of NJ: It Takes Time to Remove the Grime

16 Which Way to Jump ?

17 Democratic Party Platform Government control of the monopolies trusts in general were bad eliminate them!! Tariff reduction. One-term President. Direct election of Senators. Create a Department of Labor. Strengthen the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Did NOT support women s suffrage. NewFreedomNewFreedomNewFreedomNewFreedom

18 The Seas [of Opportunity] Open Up for the Democrats

19 The Socialist Party & Eugene V. Debs The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism. I am for Socialism because I am for humanity.

20 The Working Class Candidates Eugene V. Debs Emil Seigel for President for Vice-President

21 Growth of the Socialist Vote Year Socialist Party Socialist Labor PartyTotal 1888 2,068 1890 13,704 1892 21,512 1894 30,020 1896 36,27536,274 1898 82,204 190096,93133,405130,336 1902223,49453,763277,257 1904408,23033,546441,776 1906331,04320,265351,308 1908424,48814,021438,509 1910607,67434,115641,789 1912901,873

22 The Industrial Worker: I. W. W. The first American labor group to open its membership to all wage-earning workers, regardless of skill, nationality, race, sex, or gender.

23 Socialist Party Platform Government ownership of railroads and utilities. Guaranteed income tax. No tariffs. 8-hour work day. Better housing. Government inspection of factories. Women s suffrage.

24 Adjust to reality of Industrialized nation Jeffersonian tradition of rugged individualism & limited govt


26 Up Agains t the Hurdle s

27 As Big As a Balloon Tariff Reform

28 Conservatio n Issue: The Ballinger- Pinchot Controversy

29 The Unanswerable Argument for Suffrage

30 Never Again! Taft Abandons Support for Women s Suffrage

31 TR & Women s Suffrage : The Militant Recruit TR & Women s Suffrage : The Militant Recruit

32 Woman Suffrage Before 1920

33 Songs of the Sunny South

34 Lynching & the Race Issue

35 Trying to Catch the Colored Vote

36 Mr. Lewis Gets His Share


38 An Actual 1912 Ballot

39 Election Results By 1912, 100,000 fewer people had voted for Wilson than had voted for Bryan in 1908. The 1912 election marked the apogee of the Socialist movement in America.

40 Oh, That This Too, Too Solid South Would Melt!

41 GOP Divided by Bull Moose Equals Democratic Victory!

42 On Uncle Sams Farm The Democratic party took control of the Senate for the first time in 20 years.

43 The GOP: An Extinct Animal? The GOP: An Extinct Animal?

44 Wilson as President Attack the triple wall of privilege –Tariffs Underwood Tariff Act (1913) –Banks Federal Reserve Act (1913) –Banks Federal Trade Commission (1914) Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914) –New Freedom complete…not so fast 1914 midterm elections

45 If Wilson wants to get Re- elected… He needs the support of TR voters As a result, he begins to embrace New Nationalism… BIG GOVERNMENT

46 Supreme Court Nomination Louis Brandeis –Govt should break up trusts –Balance b/w need for bigness and need for competition –Controversial pick –First Jewish member of S.C.

47 New Freedom: Round 2 Federal Farm Loan Act Adamson Act Keating-Owen Act Workmans Compensation Act Federal Highway Act of 1916

48 Guess who Wilson didnt help out… African Americans –Segregation in Federal govt offices –US Post Office and Treasury Dept Separate shops, offices and lunchrooms –I sincerely believe it to be in their best interests.

49 Wilson as New Nationalist 1901: 239,000 govt employees 1916: 349,000 All future presidents build on TR and Wilsons examples People saw govt as a positive force for social change Govt responsibility to protect public interest Progressives enlarged govt but they still believed in individualism, limited govt and self-help

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