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Progressive Presidents

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1 Progressive Presidents

2 Review Who are the Presidents of the Progressive Era?
What were some of TR’s accomplishments during his time in office? Do you think the next presidents were successful like TR?

3 Anti Trust Act Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 By 1909, 42 antitrust act
Keep big business in check By 1909, 42 antitrust act Standard Oil Trust Buster

4 Taft What was Taft’s foreign policy plan? Taft was hand picked by TR
Won easily Republican Promised to continue to follow progressive idea Antitrust and other gov’t reform

5 Trouble for Taft Didn’t have TR’s personality
Gave in to the “old guard” Didn’t lower tariffs Progressives and Republicans Did not like Taft



8 Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
More problems Conservationists Secretary of the Interior- Ballinger Gave away Alaskan public land Forrest Service Director-Pinchot Protested the selling Not guilty

9 New Nationalism Midterm election 1910 TR Republicans lost seats
Progressive Republicans and Democrats ruled the Senate TR Stronger working conditions Income and inheritance taxes NEW NATIONALISM

10 How do you think Taft did as the President?
Did alright Reserved more land Antitrust suits 16th and 17th Amendment Interstate Commerce Commission Never gained support of his party

11 Election of 1912 TR and Taft wanted the Republican nomination
Taft won Progressives created their own party Bull Moose Party


13 Bull Moose Party “I feel fit as a moose” Platform for the party
Lower tariffs More regulation on businesses End child labor Women’s suffrage Very popular

14 Election Wilson ran on reform New Freedom 42% of votes
Blamed big business and government New Freedom Enforce antitrust without hurting economic competition 42% of votes Split Republican party helped



17 Compare the Elections Wilson- 42% TR- 27% Taft-23% Debs-6% Obama- 53%
McCain-46% Nader-.56% Barr-.40% Election of 1912 Election of 2008

18 Present Day Call for a 3rd Party

19 Wilson’s Policies Known as a reformer Clayton Antitrust Act
Strengthen the Sherman Act of 1890 Allowed the gov’t to regulate business Created the Federal Trade Commission Fair trade laws

20 The Federal Reserve System
Reorganized the federal banking system Open you books to page 299 With a partner 1 person do 1 and 2 The other 3 and 4 Put the characteristics of the Federal Reserve in your own words

21 Federal Reserve Created regional federal banks
Store capital and cash Supervised by a board selected by the pres. Allow to borrow money-short term Created currency Expand or contract the circulation of money

22 Other Accomplishments and Failures of Wilson
Created Farm Loan Bank Allowed farmers to get loans Selecting Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court Failures Cabinet members extended Jim Crow practice Opposed an amendment on women’s suffrage No problem Won easily in 1912

23 Limits of Progressivism
Different views Wanted to fix problems in cities Didn’t help farmers, nonunion workers Limit immigration Look overseas to help out

24 African Americans and Progressivism
Only a small amount benefited Creation of the NAACP Issues in the South Did not want to lose votes

25 Women’s Suffrage

26 Women’s Suffrage 1848 Susan B. Anthony Seneca Falls, NY
Against slavery Demanded women be apart of the 14th and 15th Amendments Civil Disobedience: Nonviolent refusal of a law

27 National American Woman Suffrage Association
NAWSA- Created by Anthony, Lucy Stone By 1900 Women could own, sell, will property Demand to vote went up Became more active Why do you think people would oppose women’s suffrage?

28 Strategies for Suffrage
Its 1910, how would you try to earn the right to vote? 1- push for an amendment ¾ of the states needed to ratify States allow voting Each state would pass its own laws

29 Different Ideas NAWSA State Legislation Congressional Union (CU)
Peaceful approach Protest but peaceful State Legislation Plan to have each state pass laws Congressional Union (CU) Aggressive approach Militant protest Push for an amendment

30 The End of Suffrage WWI Prohibition However
Women took on jobs that men had Prohibition Lost a reason to fight suffrage However August 24, th Amendment was passed Last major reform of the Progressive Era

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