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Taft and Wilson’s Progressivism

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1 Taft and Wilson’s Progressivism
Chap 17 Sec 4 & 5

2 Roosevelt was Re-elected in 1904.
You’re my G!! He promised not to run again. Picked William Howard Taft as his successor. He won the Election of 1908. 6ft., 350 pounds You are my friend!!


4 Taft as President Busted 2x as many trusts as Roosevelt.
Did it in half the time. Was still not popular. They passed a tariff that broke a promise. Supported his Sec of the Interior who opposed land reserves in the West. Could not control his political party. Roosevelt publicly criticized him. As a result…

5 Can’t we all just get along?
The Election of 1912 Can’t we all just get along? The Republican Party split. Conservatives TAFT Progressives Bull Moose Party Roosevelt As a result.. The Democratic Candidate won. Woodrow Wilson



8 Wilson’s New Freedom Wilson attacked the “Triple Wall of Privilege”
Tariffs Trusts High Finance

9 Wilson’s New Freedom Clayton Anti-trust Act Federal Trade Commission
Declared certain business practices illegal Helped unions by making certain labor practices legal. Strikes, boycotts, peaceful picketing Federal Trade Commission Watched the practices of business “watchdog agency”

10 Wilson’s New Freedom Pushed through a reduction of tariffs. (But the government needed cash.) 16th Amendment- created a graduated federal income tax. Federal Reserve System- made credit available, and protected banks from failure. But on some issues Wilson was less progressive.

11 Wilson’s New Freedom Civil Rights He allowed increased segregation.
Women Suffrage was not supported by Wilson Had suffrage protesters jailed. The 19th Amendment passed but without his help. Civil Rights He allowed increased segregation. Progressivism end with the start of WWI.

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