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Progressivism Taft and Wilson.

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1 Progressivism Taft and Wilson

2 Taft and Progressivism
He passed the Payne-Aldrich Tariff A protective tariff It did not reduce tariffs like the progressives wanted He reserved more public lands Brought more antitrust suits than TR did. Ballinger-Pinchot Affair made Taft look like he didn’t support the preservation of public land

3 Taft and Progressivism
Supported the 16th and 17th amendments and the children’s bureau 16th – it gave Congress the right to collect income taxes 17th – it allowed for the direct election of Senators Supported the Mann-Elkins Act of 1910 It gave the ICC the power to regulate telelphone and Telegraph rates

4 Four Way Election of 1912 Theodore Roosevelt – Bull Moose Party
Also know as the progressive party Fought for: Tariff reduction Increase regulation of business Child labor ban Eight hour work days Federal workers’ compensation Direct election of Senators

5 Four Way Election of 1912 William Howard Taft – Republican
Tariff reduction Reserve public land Antitrust suits

6 Four Way Election of 1912 Woodrow Wilson – Democrat
Enforce antitrust laws Tariff reduction Federal taxes Wilson’s New Freedom Plan

7 Four Way Election of 1912 Eugene V. Debs – Socialist
He wanted to change from a capitalist system to a socialist system Redistribute wealth equally Government control of business

8 Four Way Election of 1912 Wilson wins the election
Republican vote was split between Roosevelt and Taft Wilson wins the Democratic vote Wilson won 42% of the popular vote Electoral Collage Wilson 435 Roosevelt 88 Taft 8

9 Wilson and Progressivism
Passed the Underwood Tariff Act of 1913 Lowered tariffs from 40% to 25% Signed into law the federal income tax Clayton Antitrust Act Put a stop to trusts Started the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Over sees business Regulates business

10 Wilson and Progressivism
Started Federal Reserve System Placed a progressive lawyer onto the Supreme Court Lewis D. Brandeis

11 Were Progressivism Failed
It did not help Black Americans Jim Crow laws were enforced even more under Wilson Many blacks felt ignored by progressivism reforms Progressive era ends when WWI starts

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