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Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS®. What we worked for… Our four main ideas and concerns since the beginning of 2013 at the Puerto Rico Association.

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1 Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS®

2 What we worked for… Our four main ideas and concerns since the beginning of 2013 at the Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS® were : – To enhance the membership pride and motivation of being REALTORS®. – To enhance the image of the REALTORS® with the consumer and in general. – To create better relations with the legislators and government. – To promote continuous relation and alliances with other related Associations.

3 To Motivate a Recovery Environment! Its been several years of challenges in the Real Estate Business in P.R. and still not recovered, so for that reason we had to come with refreshing ideas in order to motivate a change and to recovery environment. A new committee was created to motivate our membership to write an essay with ideas and solutions for the industry and to be shared with us. I have to recognize that they exceeded our expectations. We put together a well organized contest, with a distinguished panel of judges complemented by an extensive participation. Five main prizes were honored and 2 recognitions. Theses essays are now going to be shared with the membership, the government and legislators. We even created a slogan for this purpose competition: “ We are REALTORS® and Go For Puerto Rico”

4 Contest: “We are REALTORS® and Go for Puerto Rico” Committee Members Contestants

5 EXPO / CONVENTION Slogan that we also used as the “mantra” at our Annual Convention that was different this year. The event included an EXPO not only for REALTORS®, but also for the consumers to inform them about: Credit counseling Properties available for sale Approved P.R. Government Housing incentives Brief educational seminars for the public Financing offers, among others. Opening of the Housing Fair with the Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State, David Bernier and the Director of the Puerto Rico Financing Authority, José Sierra. At the Convention Gala with Frank Kowalski, Region V RVP, the Puerto Rico Housing Secretary, Rubén Ríos and Sonia Torres, PRAR Pres. Elect “ We are REALTORS® and Go For Puerto Rico”

6 It was a REALTORS® Convention and a Housing Fair together that created the awareness of our desire to educate and inform the consumers with a result of an excellent exposure in TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Outdoor Media. EXPO / CONVENTION


8 BENEFITS AND MORE BENEFITS Taking in care of our members needs; we worked to acquire new benefits in Puerto Rico that would benefit them in their jobs. Discounts and special offers with different companies and associations such as: mobile phone, signage, newspaper ads, internet pages, internet ads, special membership with the P.R. Chamber of Commerce where offered and others others that are still negotiated.

9 BENEFITS AND MORE BENEFITS The relation with the government and legislators has been excellent, they have been contacting with us and taking in consideration our opinion. Sometimes have been working only with us and others in alliance with other Associations and Organizations such as : Appraisal Institute, Housing Constructors, Mortgage Bankers, Puerto Rico Agents and Real Estate Enterprises Board, Chamber of Commerce, among others. Press Conference with Economist Graham Castillo, the Director of the Constructors Association, Lcdo. Feliciano, PR Mortgage Bankers, Pres. Agustin Rojo, Mloan Association Pres., Luis Padilla and PRAR Pres. María Quiroga.

10 INNOVATION We had different and innovative activities during the year 2013 to motivate and encourage our Membership and New Members: La Marquesa Green Seminar- Seminar held in a forest having both the class room and the eco- tour.

11 INNOVATION GRI Class Reunion- Interesting seminar that included a coctail at the closing to have a re-encounter of the GRI’s in P.R. We invited members and non members that were GRI to encourage them to come back.

12 INNOVATION 5K-One of our boards, Bayamon Board of REALTORS® did a wonderful job working and supporting a 5K race to support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Puerto Rico Association also support and participated.

13 WE DID IT! Our main results for these ideas and efforts: For the first time in at least 9 years we increased our membership in relation to the prior year (approximately 8% increase up to now). The REALTORS®’s opinion in Puerto Rico is being heard and taken in consideration constantly. A new IVU (tax) affecting directly our transactions was discussed but we prevailed and it was not approved. IVU Law Public Hearing.

14 WE DID IT! The amendments draft to Law 10 that regulates our business, was finally revised and handed to a legislator to be presented at the beginning of next year’s session since there was not time for this year last session. Legislative Committee with House Representative, Jesús Santa, presenting the Law 10 draft.

15 “Live life to its fullest, make each moment count….. ….and every day will be worth celebrating!! Anonymous

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