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RGHF Mission: As an effort to serve others, RGHF accumulates and preserves the complete history, values and philosophy of the Rotary.

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2 RGHF Mission: As an effort to serve others, RGHF accumulates and preserves the complete history, values and philosophy of the Rotary movement, as well as encourages others to do the same at every level of the Rotary movement, and publishes those histories, values and philosophies on the internet, as well as other forms of media as expedient.

3 Why RGHF is Important ? If we didnt keep the history, you wouldnt have heard about this room.

4 Join RGHF & participate in preserving Rotary Global History Jack Selway Jack Selway - RGHF Founder

5 Why RGHF is Important: 1- Maintain clubs history. 2- Facilitate holding Mutual & Mega Projects. 3- Building a gate of cooperation between districts, by exchanging history on Districts level. 4- Being aware of your club & others history. 5- Support young rotarians. 6- exchanging values & philosophies.

6 Data to be gathered : 1- Success stories of clubs. 2- Presidents consequence. 3- Each Clubs Projects since its establishment. 4- Awards of each club & clubs members. 5- History will be gathered also on District level.

7 What will happen to your Clubs History? 1- To be uploaded to RGHF Website. 2- Published on Rotary District Magazine. 3- Establish RGHF Magazine.

8 RGHF Committee: Promotion Committee PR Committee Secretariat Committee IT & Editing Committee Advisory Committee Conference Committee Fund-raising Committee Treasury Committee

9 Tasks of Promotion Committee: 1- Keep presenting about RGHF to clubs according to a previous plan. 2- Editing Monthly Newsletter, includes old items & upcoming as well. 3- Editing & Publishing prominent information in Zone & District Magazine. 4- Promote about RGHF in rotary conferences & seminars. 5- To publish data on Rotary Radio for History.

10 Tasks of PR Committee (Public Relations): 1- Every PR member will supervise 3 clubs upon the following tasks. 2- Responsible of Collecting Data from clubs, by contacting different members of each club and use their rotaractor s for executive work. 3- Hold Sessions for Speakers & Tape it to be ready for publishing by Promotion Committee. 4- Recommend Clubs, Conferences, Seminars, Sessions or wherever places to let Promotion Committee publish their items.

11 Tasks of Secretariat Committee: 1- Responsible of using & preserving IT tools & devices; video, mic, laptop, scanner, extra. 2- Coordinate between Committees. 3- Send Meeting Minutes to RGHF Committee. 4- Send each committee the updated news of the other committees.

12 Tasks of IT & Editing Committee: 1- Uploading clubs history on RGHF Website. 2- Submit new members on RGHF Website. 3- Edit presentations or whatever items required to support the Promotion Committee. 4- Contact other Websites, Pages, Blogs or whatever to publish the data made by Promotion Committee, as they can understand the required technology. 5- Editing hard copies of each clubs history. 6- Responsible of archiving computerized system.

13 Tasks of Advisory Committee: 1- Advise RGHF Committee with Rotary Legislations. 2- Advise clubs with criteria of what data should be gathered and how could it be gathered. 3- Put different annual criteria of data that should receive RGHF Award.

14 Tasks of Annual Conference Committee: 1- Select Conference Committee. 2- Promote about the conference on RGHF Website. 3- Build an online Application for registration. 4- Promote about RGHF on District Magazine. 5- Select RGHF Conference Awards.

15 Tasks of Fund-raising Committee: Create ideas of how to fund-raise from: 1- Donations to buy the IT tools. 2- Publishing Data on Magazines. 3- Seminars, sessions of speakers or meetings. 4-RGHF Conference. 5- Rotary Radios for History

16 Tasks of Treasurer: 1- Cooperate with the Fund-Raising Committee and Conference Committee, targeting the income. 2- Cooperate with other committees to decide how to accomplish their targets in economic method. 3- Reporting the committee with the real monetary status, by every meeting.

17 Rotaractors & Interactors Mission: Young people are invited to join each committee to give a hand to the rotarian in charge. We need your opinion & taste, to help the communication between generations. Young people should be the active & executive person of each committee. Support us keep the past, as it will help your future. Benefits of preserving rotary history will definitely be back to you.

18 Stick the RGHF Pin

19 Join Us Ahmed El Maghraby RGHF Committee Egypt Chairman Mobile: 0105518141 Email: To have a History, means to have a Future Heba Fahmy RGHF Committee Egypt Vice Chairman Mobile: 0101667431 Email:

20 Thank You!

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