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2 Miguel Piñeiro, E.E. - Electrical Engineer, B.S. from Florida International University Currently I am pursuing a Master’s degree from PUPR in Communications Systems. Since January I have been working as a full time employee at PUPR as the Lab Technician in the Plasma Lab. This August I will begin writing a thesis, focusing in Plasma Research. This past year, I served as vice-president of IEEE where we arranged several field trips, technical seminars, and proposals. As the leader of your branch I will organize many more technical seminars, field trips, and will begin to train students for the engineering industry. I will integrate the professional IEEE chapter with of our branch, and provide many networking opportunities with industry leaders. As your leader I will make sure that each one of you is satisfied with your branch, and its accomplishments ANNUAL IEEE ELECTION CANDIDATES

3 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Student Research Assistant, Supercomputing Department Oak Ridge, TN Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico “I will lead the IEEE to become stronger and more accessible to the PUPR members.” Vice - President David Cruz Rodriguez, MBA

4 2011 ANNUAL IEEE ELECTION CANDIDATES Dávila Transport, Inc. President Assistant, Marketing Department Gurabo, PR Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico “Join me to work as a team in the PUPR IEEE Chapter.” Secretary Pedro Dávila Carrasquillo, MBA

5 Luis A. Tatis Morales Current : Puerto Rico & Caribbean Sect Affinity Group, GOLD Affinity Group Chairman 2010.Region 9 Puerto Rico & Caribbean Section Student Activities Past: - Former IEEE Student Chapter Chair 2008 ‐ 2009 PUPR - Former student chapter Public Relations position PUPR Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Communications) Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Current M.E.M Graduate Student Hola amigo(a): De ser electo Tesorero de la directiva utilizare la creatividad que me caracteriza para así alcanzar más objetivos y hacer de tu directiva una en que puedas delegar con ideas y recurrir como medio educativo y profesional. Web-Site :

6 PROPOSED AGENDA Improve the value of IEEE membership by increasing services and benefits to PUPR members. Foster members’ awareness of IEEE activates and existing benefits. Increase membership and develop retention strategies. Represent PUPR members’ interest and voice their concerns. Support and provide recognition of IEEE volunteers. Introduce new ideas and proposals and implement initiatives for new activities within the membership responsibilities.

7 Develop non-technical IEEE activities in the Region (including contests, awards and promotion programs). Support Region 9 initiatives and inform other IEEE organizational units about them. Show members the technology currently being used in the engineering field through professional visits. For example: Arecibo Observatory and Hewlett Packard, among many others. Provide training and orientations for PUPR members through shared activities and workshops by creating alliances with other societies, such as: SHPE, ASME, CIAPR, PRMA. Bring technical speakers from top engineering industry companies. Incorporate students into research currently being done by professors.

8 Integrate students in proposals, publishing papers and research projects. Some of which will be presented in international conferences. Re-open the IEEE Computer Society. Participate in activities from the professional chapter, such as: conventions, CIAPR’s event, international and local seminars, and competitions, among others. Generate networking opportunities with industry leaders. Above all, make the chapter work for its members so that everyone can benefit from its success.


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