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How to Encourage New Members and Energize Current Members.

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1 How to Encourage New Members and Energize Current Members

2 Understanding your community Responding to preferences Continually assessing your structure and offerings Building new partnerships Increasing awareness of your program.

3 Understanding your community need is very important. Since recruiting is never done, we encourage new members by offering new and exciting classes year round. OLLI at Hampton University offers such classes as; Line Dancing, Swimming, Beginning Spanish and Retirement 101.




7 It is very important to assess your program to get feedback and suggestions from current members. The feedback you get from your current members, will help implement new group activities and plan fun exciting events to encourage new members.



10 Demographics of community Analyze Your Member Information: Date of Birth Where they heard about OLLI Courses taken by season Membership type by year Involvement with OLLI and other organizations Special skills or connections

11 Flexible scheduling (days, evenings, weekends) one time lectures or events Registration: make it easy to sign up. Automatic annual renewal of membership. Find innovative ways to involve new or potential members. Fee Structure: Offer join with a friend at a discount; can be a productive way to introduce people to OLLI.

12 Be explicit about the benefits: mutual promotion, building awareness, enhanced recruitment, increased visibility Connect with non-profits with education as part of their mission Work with local PBS station University connections- academic & benefits

13 Support Pledge Drives Get radio and TV interviews Market to Newcomers: Realtors, chambers, etc. Regular articles, photos, announcements Social Media Marketing: internet word of mouth!

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