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República Dominicana 1930 - 1961 The Era of Trujillo.

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1 República Dominicana 1930 - 1961
The Era of Trujillo

2 La República Dominicana before Trujillo
(1492) Colony of Spain (1795) Colony of France (1801) Haitian Control (1809) First Republic (1814) Colony of Spain (1821) Rebellion (1822) Haitian Control (1844) Rebellion & Independence (1861) Spanish Province (1870) Treaty with USA (1916) Dictatorship Ulises Heureaux (1924) Dictatorship Horacio Vásquez

3 Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: His Youth
Born in 1891 in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic Humble parents Elementary School At 16, worked as telegraphist At the end 1916, employed in a sugar refinery In 1918, Joins the National Guard Raises ranks very quickly, until…

4 Trujillo Takes Military Control
In 1928, Trujillo becomes the head of “La Policía Nacional” Along with Rafael Estrella Ureña, leads the revolution of Santiago against Horacio Vásquez Later, with the help from the US, he takes control and becomes”Presidente de la República”

5 The Regime of Rafael L. Trujillo
Takes control of the country (economy, politics, etc.) Gets rid of his enemies by sending them to prison & torturing them. Examples of tortures - electric shocks, water drips, etc...

6 Las Hermanas Mirabal “En el tiempo de las mariposas”
Trujillo falls in love with Minerva, imprisons her husband Manolo Tavarez She becomes involved in the revolutionary movement , 14 de junio Murdered at the end of 1960

7 La revolución The revolution began with the slow fall of the dictatorship The US government contacted a group of rebels to help assassinate Trujillo The assassination occurred on May 30, 1961

8 The Legacy of Rafael L. Trujillo
Although it was a violent regime, Trujillo’s Era was a moment of incredible prosperity for the Dominican economy. After his assassination, Democracy was reached. Joaquín Balaguer

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