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9/23 Focus: Important Terms Do Now:

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1 9/23 Focus: Important Terms Do Now:
In the late 1700’s, enlightenment and revolutionary ideas spread from Europe and the United States to Latin America. Important Terms Nationalism, Creoles Do Now: Identify two effects of the French Revolution and Napoleon on Europe?

2 Latin American Revolutions

3 European nations had established colonies in Latin America
Colonies began to rebel in the early 1800’s

4 Influences on Latin American Revolutions
Toussaint L’Ouverture Enlightenment Ideas Haiti Independence movements In Latin America Success of American and French Revolutions Mexico Miguel Hidalgo South America Nationalism Simon Bolivar Jose de San Martin


6 Encomienda System

7 Spread of Revolutionary Ideas
Educated Creoles read works of Enlightenment writers Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau Success of American Revolution showed foreign rule could be overthrown Inspired by ideas of the French Revolution

8 Impact of Nationalism Nationalism?
Feeling of pride or devotion to one's nation Nationalism often develops when a group is under control of foreign nation

9 Haiti French colony became the first Latin American colony to rebel
Had large sugar plantations worked by African slaves Mulattoes had few rights

10 Toussaint L’ Overture lead a successful revolt against French control of Haiti Self educated, former slave familiar with enlightenment ideas Capable military leader Haitian slaves won their freedom in 1798

11 Toussaint L’ Overture Napoleon had sent French troops to retake Haiti
French attempts to retake Haiti failed Toussaint was captured and sent back to France Died in a prison in the Alps Haiti becomes first independent Latin American nation Jan 1804 Became a republic in 1820 Inspired other Latin American colonies to rebel

12 Closure What role did Toussaint L’ Overture in encouraging revolutions in Latin America?

13 9/24 Focus: Important Terms Do Now:
Latin Leaders such as Toussaint L’ Ouverture, Simon Bolivar, and Jose de San Martin led popular movements to overthrow European rule. Important Terms Liberation Do Now: Which social class in the Spanish class system was most familiar with enlightenment ideas?


15 Miguel Hidalgo Mexican priest
Began a 11 year revolution against Spanish rule in Mexico in 1810 Hidalgo defeated in 1811 Jose Morelos and others continue the fight Mexico gains independence in 1821 “My friends and countrymen neither the king nor tributes exist for us any longer. We have borne this shameful tax, which only suits slaves, for three centuries as a sign of tyranny and servitude: [a] terrible stain which we shall know how to wash away with our efforts. The moment of our freedom has arrived, the hour of our liberty has struck; and if you recognized its great value, you will help me defend it from the ambitious grasp of the tyrants.

16 Creoles Call for Independence
Napoleon conquered Spain and made his brother King (1808) Creoles in Latin American colonies refused to support non-Spanish ruler Enlightenment idea? Consent of the Governed- John Locke Revolutions broke out in several Spanish colonies in Latin America (1810)

17 Simon Bolivar Educated creole
Inspired by enlightenment and American and French Revolutions Led independence movements against Spanish rule in South America Nicknamed the “liberator”

18 Simon Bolivar Led military campaign that won independence for:
Venezuela Columbia Ecuador Peru Bolivia

19 Jose de San Martin Joined forces with Bolivar
Defeated Spanish in Argentina and Chile

20 Formation of New Nations
Bolivar was unsuccessful in creating a united Latin American state Gran Columbia Former Spanish colonies divided into separate independent states


22 Closure Why did revolutionary leaders in Latin America feel that they were justified in rebelling against foreign rule?

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