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First Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. Short’s Class 2013-2014.

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1 First Grade Curriculum Night Mrs. Short’s Class 2013-2014

2 A Little About Me… I graduated from Oakland University’s teaching program. I have a masters degree from Marygrove in the Art of Teaching. and a masters degree from Oakland University in Educational Leadership. This is my ninth year teaching. I have been in the Huron Valley School District for all of my years in teaching. I was hired as a second grade teacher, where I taught for 2 years. From there I taught a 2/3 combination class and stayed in third grade for 5 years after. I made the move to first grade over the summer. My husband and I have 2 children: Aidan and Addison. We also have 2 shih tzus; Daphne and Izzy.

3 Daily Schedule Greetings and Meeting Word Work Specials Reading Writers Workshop Recess and Lunch Math Science/Social Studies/Health

4 Greetings and Meeting Attendance Lunch Count Songs Class Promise Daily commitment Calendar and Message

5 Word Work Phonics –Putting words together –Taking words apart Sight Words –Frequently read and written words –Unusually spelled common words

6 Specials MondayArt 9:40-10:40 TuesdayPE10:10-10:40 Wellness 2:10-2:55 WednesdayMusic 9:40-10:10 PE10:10-10:40 ThursdayMedia10:10-10:40 FridayMusic10:10-10:40

7 Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Independent Work Sharing How you can help Encourage your child to stretch words to hear all sounds Provide time and materials to write (paper, markers, stapler, pencil sharpener, tape…)

8 Daily Five 5 Ways to be Better Readers and Writers Read to Self Read to Someone Word Work Work on Writing Listen to Reading How you can help Read together Take-Home books

9 The Literacy Cafe Comprehension I understand what I read Accuracy I can read the words Fluency I can read with accuracy, expression and comprehension Expand Vocabulary Tune into interesting words

10 Good Fit Books I Pick Good Fit Books I look at the book Purpose – Why do I want to read it? Interest – Does it interest me? Comprehend – I understand the words Know – I can read the words How you can help Encourage choosing books by interest and comprehension over difficulty, chapters or length

11 Helping Your Child at Home with Reading Nightly take home books - to practice reading fluently - should be fairly easy for them - from their book box - support strategies and goals from class

12 Writer’s Skills Writing small moments (personal narratives) Writing for readers (editing) Beginning revising Poetry Non-fiction Opinion/Argument

13 Handwriting Program Handwriting without Tears Clear and Consistent Instruction Helps with reversals, pencil grip and posture Assists left-handed students

14 Math Everyday Math Philosophy Patterns Geometry and Measurement Data Collection and Interpretation Number Sense and Numeration

15 Science/Health Properties/attributes (water, magnets, materials) Weather Life Requirements Heredity Animal Life Cycles Safety Social and Emotional Health Personal Health and Wellness Tobacco and Household Dangers

16 Social Studies What is a Citizen? What is a Family? How do we learn about the Past? How do we learn about Places? Needs and Wants

17 Additional Information Homework- math and reading nightly If occasionally it doesn’t get done turn it in as soon as possible - Yellow Paper Shoes- Velcro please until your child can tie or tie them in double knots in the morning Daily Snack- healthy please. No chips, cookies, candy, gummy fruits Class website MrsShortsThirdGrade/apt1.aspx

18 More Information Water Bottles allowed in class Book Orders a few times a year Birthdays –send in your child’s favorite book Parent Volunteers-coming soon Lunch Numbers Field Trip/ CRC Form/Boosters/ Proof of Insurance Phone Book/Class Fan out Daily Folders

19 Country Oaks has joined many schools worldwide in becoming a Leader in Me school.

20 Family Access You will need the following information in your email: Student's name The parent's name The name of the school their student(s) attends The email address listed on green card For password Questions or to establish a family access account: Email family access at

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