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Welcome to Mrs. McClellan’s First Grade Class

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1 Welcome to Mrs. McClellan’s First Grade Class

2 My Family

3 Communication Orange Folder Agenda Newsletter Blog-Class Website

4 Our Classroom Rules We listen to each other.
We are kind to each other. We are responsible for what we say and do. Our hands are for helping. We use caring words.

5 Classroom Schedule Phonics
Snack/Bathroom/Water (bring a small, healthy snack) Reader’s Workshop Spelling and/or Grammar Writer’s Workshop Read Aloud Lunch/Bathroom (11:09-11:39) Math/RAP Enrichment Recess Finish RAP/Shared Reading about Social Studies, Science or Health Clean up/Pack up 

6 Phonics Blending Words/Making Words Example- cat
What sound does “c” make? What sound does “a” make? Blend them together and then add the “t” “cat” (Try not to blend each sound separately. It may confuse your son/daughter)

7 Reader’s Workshop Word Work Independent Reading Guided Reading
Conferences Centers Homework Books

8 Response to Literature
Writer’s Workshop Narrative Informational Pattern Books Response to Literature Persuasive Writing

9 RAP-Review and Practice
Math RAP-Review and Practice Math pages Games Monday Math

10 Grading Standards-Based
All scores are based on your child’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge of each standard. Scoring 1-Limited or minimum progress toward meeting the standard. 2-Progressing toward meeting the standard. 3-Consistently meeting the standard All papers, projects and tests will be graded with this scoring system.

11 Homework 15-20 minutes of reading Monday Math-return by Friday
(We will be changing the homework as we get further into the year.)

12 Help at Home Base Ten Blocks 100’s Board with ideas Touch Money System
Counting by 5’s Cards Counting by 10’s Cards Social Studies-List of Landforms and Definitions Word List 10 things to do while reading with your child

13 Parent-Teacher Conferences
Cobb County Conference Week: January 25-29 I would like to start scheduling conferences in the next couple of weeks. I only need 20 minutes of your time. Let’s discuss your child’s progress and ways you can help him/her at home. My availability: Monday-Friday 6:55a.m-7:15a.m. Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday 2:30-2:50

14 Birthday Information Please send in a small treat. Cupcakes or cookies are great. The children will be eating them during lunch. Feel free to come in during that time to serve the cupcakes and eat with your child. Lunch-11:09-11:39 We will not be celebrating any birthdays during our instructional time. Please do not send in any birthday party invitations unless the entire class is invited.

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