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First Grade Curriculum Night. Welcome! First Grade Teachers: Ms. Palmert- 1A Mr. Christopherson- 1B Mrs. Quick- 1C Mrs. Sutton- 1D.

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1 First Grade Curriculum Night

2 Welcome! First Grade Teachers: Ms. Palmert- 1A Mr. Christopherson- 1B Mrs. Quick- 1C Mrs. Sutton- 1D

3 Food Service Snack Cart- Available before school, healthy options for kids to choose Lunch-10:50-11:15 AM Snack-2:40 PM

4 Lunch If anyone other than a parent comes for lunch, they must have written consent to eat lunch with your child. Visitors will be turned away if they do not have permission. Make sure if you send a check or money that it is labeled with your child’s name and lunch number.

5 Recess We go outside everyday unless it is raining or below zero with a wind chill below -10 degrees F. Since we are outside before noon, our temperature on the playground will be cooler than the high for the day. Our playground is very windy at times. Please have your child dress for the weather.

6 Dismissal I will send your child home the usual way unless I receive a note, call or email from you telling me of the change.If there are problems on the bus, encourage your child to tell the bus driver first. If the problem is not resolved, let me know. If you are changing how your child is getting home during the day, please call the office.

7 Birthdays ● Please refrain from sending in any “treats” for your child’s birthday. If you send them in, I need to send them back. Instead, have your child choose a favorite book for us to read in class. ● Please DO NOT send in any birthday invitations, I will also have to send these back home.

8 Parties We have three parties a year! October, December and February. Want to volunteer? Please let us know!

9 Volunteers We Need Volunteers! Please sign-up if you are interested in helping! We have volunteer forms to fill out here tonight!

10 Book Orders - Your child’s teacher may be sending these home. -Payments made online or check -Most DRA levels labeled in the monthly handouts

11 Conferences Please sign-up online at:

12 Reading Lots to learn in reading this year!! -Sight Words (review plus 120 more!) -Word Chunks -Reading Level (Goal of DRA 18) -Comprehension -Fluency

13 What Does This All Mean??? Well here is an example of where your reader should have been reading at the end of the school year End of Kindergarten Reader: PcngDs

14 End of First Grade Here is where you child needs to be by the end of first Grade: Video Clip:

15 But What If???? My child did not end Kindergarten at that level? We understand that not all students met this at the end of Kindergarten, we have some services that are available to help them meet these needs!

16 But What if?? My child is already past the end of year benchmarks for reading? Starting in October we will be starting guided reading groups where we will be working with students at their reading level.

17 How Can I Help? -Read with your child every night!! -Practice weekly sight words nightly -Practice word chunks nightly -Practice spelling words nightly -Explain things you do and why you do them to help build vocabulary and understanding

18 Back and Forth Bags These Bags are going to be available nightly with books at your child’s reading level. A nightly log will be sent home with the bag please fill it out and return to school DAILY!!

19 My child comes home telling me... That they are working with another teacher, should I be worried that they are behind? No, in order to meet the needs of all of our students, we share students so we have a full group of students at the same level. If there are concerns about your child you will hear from us first. We also do have additional support with paras and reading and math specialist to make sure all students are on track!

20 Where can I find.. Books at my child’s reading level? There is an app that will tell you what level a book is! Scholastic Book Wizard (some books!)

21 Volunteers!! Know anyone that wants to volunteer? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, high school students? We have a lot of work to do to get students where they need to be by the end of the year and we cannot do it alone! Sign-up tonight!

22 Spelling Spelling focuses on the sound parts of words. Wednesdays - New Unit Spelling list will come home Check website Tuesdays- Test day

23 Writing We write daily to help the students become better readers, writers, and spellers! Units: *Small Moments *Informative How-to, All About *Opinion *Poetry

24 Math ●We use Everyday Math as our main resource for daily lessons. ●Math games are great for reinforcing skills. ●WIN time = “What I Need”. Groups at all levels working towards a specific goal.

25 Social Studies Units of Study: Citizenship Then and Now Economics- Goods and Services Geography- Inquiry Social Studies is not taught everyday.

26 Specials Art- Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Dick Music- Mrs. Remus Library- Mrs. Grebner Inquiry- Mrs. Westra PE- Mr. Arntson

27 Report Cards NO Books this year explaining report card, they will be available online, for you to view.

28 Homework Back and Forth Bag nightly (log) Spelling Sight Word Activities (more info. to come) Math Calendar (starting in October)

29 Volunteers Can’t Volunteer During the Day? Not a problem! Your child’s first grade teacher needs help, cutting, creating and putting things together! All of this can be done at home! Let your child’s teacher know if you are available!

30 Extended Day In the next few days some of you will be receiving a notice that your child qualifies for Extended Day Services. If your child receives this, it is highly recommended that they attend! Our goal is that all of our students are working at grade level by the end of the year!

31 Where can I find this Information? This information will be found on the first grade website! There you will be able to access this PowerPoint and view it as you need to! Thanks for coming!

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