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Plunked By Michael Northrop Power point by Neah McGovern.

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1 Plunked By Michael Northrop Power point by Neah McGovern

2 Characters Main character: Jack Mogens Dustin: Middle school baseball player Coach Wainwrite: coach of baseball team Andie: Jack’s best friend Jackson: The star pitcher of the team More characters Katie Bow: The only girl on the team Malfoid: Malfoid is his nickname Chester: super short kid who is hard to strike out Jp: The star pitcher on the team

3 Settings Home in a town named Tall Pine Tall Pine Middle school Baseball field in baseball season

4 Plot Jack Mogens is up to bat. The pitcher throws an insider. Way inside! Jack realizes it’s a fast ball. WHAM! Next thing he knows he’s flat on his back. What has happened to Jack?

5 Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Solution Jack looks over and saw his helmet on the ground. People swarm him. A short while later his parents take him to the doctor’s office. The doctor says he has a minor concussion. After that he heads home. In the end he thinks he will have to quit baseball but then he finds out he does not have to quit. If you want to know more read Plunked

7 About the Author Michael Northrop lives in New York city. He is the author of three YA novels. He is originally from Salisbury, Connecticut. He said it was a great place to grow up, shooting BB guns at soda cans and kicking field goals for his high school football team as a kid. A fun fact about Michael Northrop is he stepped on a yellow jacket’s nest and was stung 75 times. He is dyslexic.

8 Pictures

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