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The Boy Who saved Baseball

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1 The Boy Who saved Baseball

2 The boy who saved baseball Written by: John H. Ritter.

3 Author Information John H. Ritter was born in San Diego.
One of the books he wrote wasThe Boy Who saved Baseball. John H. Ritter is a full time writer who also enjoys playing baseball in the amateur league. He speaks at school’s and conferences around the nation. Today John lives in San Diego with his wife. He has one grown up daughter.

4 Setting The Boy who Saved Baseball took place in San Diego.
In a place called Dillontown in it’s baseball field.

5 Main Characters:Cruz de la Cruz,Tom Gallagher,Dante Del Gatos,Cody,and Doc.

6 Plot Summary. Developers wanted to destroy Dillontown and put new stuff in. A baseball game decided the fate of the town. A boy named Cruz de la Cruz comes into town.

7 Once Cruz de la Cruz joins the team he becomes their best player.
Cruz can pitch, catch, hit, and throw. Later Cruz and Tom tried to get a baseball legend Dante Del Gato to help coach their team.

8 In the game Maria got hit in her shin with a ball.
Dante starts to teach them a drill with Christmas lights to help them focus. On the day of the game they find out that Cruz was gone so they had to play without him. In the game Maria got hit in her shin with a ball.

9 After that she still wanted to keep pitching so they let her.
At the end of the game tom was up to bat and the bases were loaded. Tom got two strikes and then a hit he got to second the men that were on 2nd & 3rd scored they won!

10 Dock died of shock and his will went to Tom and Tom lived happily for the rest of his life.
Nobody ever saw Cruz again. Tom realized that a prophecy came true and in spanish Cruz means cross.

11 Main Characters Tom-Main character Cruz-Tom’s friend
Mr. & Mrs Gallager - Tom’s parents Dante Del Gato - Baseball legend Doc- land owner and friend of Toms

12 Conflict. People want to destroy Dillontown.
And they want to make it into a town with traffic and more houses.

13 Conflict/Resolution Tom Gallagher is in a tight spot because his town
Dillon Town’s baseball field is about to get torn down by developers and he has to save it all by himself. When everything is about to go wrong a boy named Cruz de la Cruz knows a secret of hitting and Cruz and Cruz is going to help. Tom ask Del Gatos to coach the Dillon Town’s baseball team .This plan maybe crazy but, it’s Tom’s hope of saving his home Town (Dillon Town

14 Resolution. Doc decides that the towns fate will be decided be on the
Outcome of a youth Baseball game.

15 Opinions We think that it is the best book in the world.
And think that every one should go out and buy a copy.

16 The End; Created by Danny Slay and D’angelo Johnson April 2006.

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