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The Boy Who Saved Baseball

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1 The Boy Who Saved Baseball
By: Jeremy B.

2 Settings 1.The first setting is Doc’s house. His front porch has two chairs with a table right in the middle of the porch. The rest of the house is just like a normal House.2.The second is the baseball field Lucky Strike Park were the greatest baseball player in history played. Dante del Gato. This baseball field is about to be torn down and the worst baseball team has to beat the best to save there legendary stadium. Can they do it? Read the book to find out! 3.Dante del Gato’s house is high up a hill and has a huge, gigantic fence to get to his house. In side del Gato’s house there is a round kitchen with a stove and a rugged table with a coffee maker and little cabinets.

3 Characters The main character is Tom Gallagher. He plays on a baseball team that his dad coaches. He loves To draw in his Dreamsketcher drawing pad only when he is alone. Tom is 11 years old and has tons of friends. Frankie is Tom’s best friend. He also plays on the baseball team and likes to be funny. Maria is a girl that plays on the baseball team also. She kind of acts like she likes Tom when Tom is not around. Ramon is Tom’s pal that plays on the baseball team. He is a great smart alec, and can speak Spanish. Rachel is the quiet girl and also is part of the team. She does not take to important of a part the book. Doc is and 87 year old land keeper. He was the one who declared that there would be the great game. Dante del Gato is a legendary baseball player that agrees to be Toms team’s coach. He is one of the best coaches. Tom’s dad was the teams head coach until Dante del Gato. His mom is normal.

4 Problems The first problem is that Doc is going to sell a huge amount of land and tear down a legendary baseball field unless Tom and his baseball team beat the best baseball team. They don’t have a good team and they need a way better trainer and coach. Can they find one? The second problem is when Cruz de la Cruz was not at the game to play baseball and nobody could find him. He was the top hitter on the team. The third was when Maria the pitcher got a broken ankle and there were no pinch pitchers. They only have 9 players, so if they lose a player they forfeit and lose the game. The forth problem is when Doc dies before the game ends. The stadium will have to be to be torn down even though……………so Tom has to stop it!

5 5 Big Events Doc announces that he will not tear down Lucky Strike Park IF Toms Baseball team beats their enemy baseball team that they haven’t got close to ever beating. An unknown boy appears and claims he can help win the game for Toms team. His name is Cruz de la Cruz. Cruz and Tom set of on a journey to find Dante del Gato to be there coach. Legend had it that Dante del Gato shot trespassers. Maria (their pitcher) got a broken ankle but she couldn’t quit. There had to be a pinch pitcher. Tom hits the ball high and runs. Three of the other teams players went after the ball. This was the game winner play for ………………..and the Stadium has to be torn down.

6 Introduction Page People down in Dillontown don’t agree on much. Not the skateboard laws. Not the billboard laws. The economy. The ecology. There’s days when they don’t even agree on which way the wind is blowing. But they agree on this. From old timers in there overalls on Maine Street, to the seventy-seven keyboard clicking kids down at Scrub Oak Community School, they’ll each and all tell you. If there wasn’t a kid named Cruz de la Cruz, somebody would’ve come along and invented him. And no matter how weird and wild and tall the tale, no one, not even Blackjack Buck himself could’ve cooked up a mind-whacking brain-snapper as wild and woolbacious as what really happened. Why? Because Cruz de la Cruz, that cyber-vato desperado, not only saved el civismo, the very spirit of this town, he saved the holy game of Baseball as we know it.

7 This story is told by… The Main Character Tom Gallagher
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