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Harcourt 10-11 Theme 1 Whole Group Lesson 2 Day 5.

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2 Harcourt Theme 1 Whole Group Lesson 2 Day 5




6 Focus Skill: A character’s traits show what the character is like as a person. These traits are revealed by what the character thinks, does, and says. A character’s motivations are the reasons why a character acts as he or she does. Character’s Traits Character’s Motivations Sometimes a story’s setting has an effect on how a character feels, acts, or develops as a person. Character’s Setting

7 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Jackie practiced hard at pitching. She wanted to play baseball. determined hard working Jackie Mitchell

8 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Jackie Mitchell Jackie struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, two of the best batters. She wanted to prove that baseball was not just a man’s game. skilled confident Jackie practiced hard at pitching. She wanted to play baseball. determined hard working

9 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Jackie’s dad played ball with her in the neighborhood sandlot. He told her she could be good at whatever she wanted, including baseball. He believed in his daughter and wanted her to be the best she could be. caring loving good father supportive Jackie’s Dad


11 1. Reread the story with your partner 2. Complete the character’s actions in the chart first. 5. When finished, read about the author, the illustrator and the poem. 3.Use the actions to help figure out his motivations. 4. Do a graphic organizer for each page at the top.

12 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Babe said, “Girls are too delicate for baseball. It would kill them to play ball every day.” He didn’t think girls belonged on a baseball field. He thought baseball was for men. close-minded Babe Ruth

13 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Babe Ruth After Jackie threw a strike, Babe stared her down. He didn’t want to let a girl make a fool out of him. determined proud Babe snickered when Jackie threw two balls in a row. He wanted to show that girls don’t belong in baseball. bully

14 Character TraitsMotivationsActions Babe threw his bat down and glared at the umpire. He said he would never bat against a woman again. He was angry and shocked that a girl had struck him out. short-tempered bad sport Babe Ruth


16 legendary muttered gaped flinched snickering glared stunned fluke

17 Why might Jackie Mitchell be considered a legendary pitcher? legendary Jackie might be considered a legendary pitcher because she struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, two of the best batters. Also, she was a woman pitching baseball when people thought only men could play.

18 Why do you think Babe Ruth muttered to himself when he couldn’t hit Jackie’s first pitch? muttered I think Babe Ruth probably muttered to himself because he was shocked. He probably told himself that it was luck that she had thrown a strike. Also, he probably gave himself a pep talk.

19 What happened when Jackie flinched before she threw her second pitch? flinched When Jackie flinched, she lost track of the pitch and threw a ball.

20 Why was the crowd snickering?snickering? The crowd was snickering because Jackie pitched two balls in a row.

21 Why did the fans gape at Jackie when she struck out Babe Ruth? gape The fans gaped because Jackie had proven to everyone that a girl can also be a great pitcher.

22 Lou Gehrig glared at Jackie when he stepped up to the plate. Why? glared Lou Gehrig glared at Jackie because he wanted to intimidate her so that she did not pitch well.

23 Why might Jackie have felt stunned after she struck out both players? stunned Jackie might have felt stunned because these players were two of the best batters in baseball.

24 Do you think Jackie’s pitches were flukes? Why or why not? flukes?


26 What makes the new kid a great player?

27 Do you think this poem was written in the past or the present? Why?

28 How are the new kid and Jackie Mitchell alike?

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