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By: Carl Deuker Published by: Houghton Mifflin Published: 2010.

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1 By: Carl Deuker Published by: Houghton Mifflin Published: 2010

2 Introduction  The setting is at Abraham Lincoln High School in Seattle, Washington.  Mitch is assigned the job of sports writer for the school newspaper by Alyssa since it is the part that all the students are interested in.  When at practice, Mitch notices a new kid named Angel Marichal throwing bullet passes to one of his buddies.  At first Mitch thinks that Angel in ineligible but then realizes that the story is much bigger.

3 Protagonist and Antagonist  The protagonist is Daniel “Mitch” True.  He is a short and stubby kid that goes to Lincoln High.  He has blonde hair and is very white.  He is brave and determined.  The antagonist is Angel Marichal.  He is very athletic and in his early 20’s.  He is very strong and can throw the ball like a pro.

4 Protagonist and Antagonist Mitch True Angel Marichal

5 Central Conflict  Angel Marichal,Coach McNulty, Mitch True and, Kimi Yon are involved in the central conflict.  Mitch and Kimi think that Angel is way to old to be in high school, and they think that McNulty is cheating.  Is Angel a cop trying to bring down drug dealers, or is he cheating with McNulty so Mcnulty can win the championship and go coach at a college.

6 Minor Characters  Coach McNulty is the head football coach at Lincoln high school.  Mitch thinks that McNulty is cheating so he can get a job at college since his star quarterback is leaving.  McNulty is very greedy and loves winning.  He is very conniving and sneaky throughout the book.  Kimi Yon is Mitch’s photographer for the school paper.  She helps Mitch figure out what is up with McNulty and Angel.  She is smart and wants to go to a Ivy league school.

7 Minor Characters  Alyssa is the chief editor of the school newspaper.  She assigns Mitch with sports reporter because she thinks that Mitch is the best writer, and the students only read the sports section.  If she did not assign him sports reporter nobody would have ever tried to figure out what was happening with McNulty and Angel. Coach McNulty Alyssa Kimi Yon

8 What Critics Said?  Young adult book reviews says that this book is about a boy Mitch who tries to investigate the suspicious player that plays at Lincoln High. It also says that Carl Deuker writes excellent book on sport stories for high school students. -time-by-carl-deuker/ -time-by-carl-deuker/  Story snoops says that is about a high school student named Mitch that is overweight investigates a suspicious football player that goes to Lincoln High School.

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