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AHSGE Standard VI Causes & Effects of World War I.

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2 AHSGE Standard VI Causes & Effects of World War I

3  What territory did the U.S. help liberate from Spain? – Cuba General Valeriano Weyler

4  What territory did the U.S. gain control over as a result of the defeat of the Spanish?

5  President Roosevelt led the movement to build what canal in Central America? – Panama

6  Who was the Alabama doctor who helped wipe out yellow fever in Panama? – William Gorgas

7  What addendum to the Monroe Doctrine was made by Roosevelt justifying American intervention in the South American nations in trouble? – Roosevelt Corollary

8  The United States wanted an _________ with China which would have allowed open trade. – Open Door Policy

9  What were the long term causes of the First World War? – Militarism – Alliances – Imperialism – Nationalism

10  What was the immediate cause of World War I (The Great War)? – Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

11  Why did the U.S. enter the War to End All Wars? – Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (Luisitania) (Luisitania) – Economic Connections to the Allies ($2.25 billion dollars in U.S. loans to the Allies) – Zimmerman Telegram – Propaganda

12  What types of technological innovations were used in The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy? – Tanks – Zeppelins – Poison Gas – Planes

13 U-Boats & Torpedoes

14  What treaty ended World War I? – Treaty of Versailles

15  What was the purpose of imperialism? – To have controlled areas of influence around the world (economic, political, and military control)

16  What type of fighting took place in WWI? – Trench Warfare

17 Living in the Trenches

18 German Trench

19  Who were the Central Powers? – Italy (yes then no) – Austria-Hungary – Germany – Ottoman Empire – Bulgaria

20  Who were the Allied Powers? – Great Britain – France – Russia – United States – (Italy)

21  What acts allowed the government to deny people the rights of freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and contributed to the Nativist hatred of immigrants during & after WWI? – Sedition Act – Espionage Act

22  Which groups benefited from the diminished workforce during WWI? – African Americans – Women

23  Name the organization in which the nations of the world would join together to ensure security and peace for all members.

24  Which country refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles because the League of Nations was included in it?

25  This was an intense fear of communism and other extreme ideas that gripped the U.S. during the 1920’s.

26  Trail in which two immigrants were given an unfair trial due to their ethnic background and were eventually put to death. – Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti

27  Name of the summer in 1919 in which race riots erupted in about 25 cities nationwide. – Red Summer

28  By 1922, this organization’s membership had grown to about 100,000 and by 1924 to 4 million. – Communist Party

29  Migration of blacks from the South to the North for jobs. – The Great Migration

30  A number limit set up by laws to limit annual immigration. – Quota Quota

31  List several technological innovations in the 1920’s.

32  African American author of Their Eyes Were Watching God. – Zora Neale Hurston Born in Notasulga, AL

33  African American literary awakening of the 1920’s. – Harlem Renaissance

34  List three leading poets/writers of the Harlem Renaissance. – Claude McKay – Langston Hughes – Countee Cullen

35  This type of music grew out of African American music in the South, especially ragtime and blues. – Jazz

36  What type of age is the 1920’s referred to as? – Jazz Age – Roaring Twenties

37  Illegal bars that flourished during prohibition were – Speakeasies

38  Case over the teaching of the theory of evolution in the classroom.

39  During the 1920’s women began to demand more rights. Which woman argued women needed birth control rights? – Margaret Sanger

40  Considered one of the founders of the blues movement (from Alabama) – W.C. Handy Father of the Blues


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