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US History Review Ch 10 Test

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1 US History Review Ch 10 Test

2 What were the causes of WWI?
M- Militarism A-Alliances N-Nationalism I-Imperialism A-Anarchy

3 What were the Central Powers?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria Ottoman Empire

4 What were the Allied powers?
Britain, France Russia United States

5 What occurred on June 28, 1914? Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary

6 What was the The Schlieffen Plan?
Germany planned to defeat France rapidly and then turn to the eastern front for a major offensive on Russia.  To not fight on 2 fronts but defeat France then Russia

7 What were the causes of the US entering the war?
Zimmerman Note and Unrestricted Submarine warfare

8 What was the Lusitania? British passenger liner sunk in May of 1915 by German U-boats onboard were 128 Americans

9 Who was George Crull? Responsible for Public information that was to convince Americans to join the war against Germany What role did Herbert Hoover play? In charge of Food Administration to insure we and the allies had food

10 What was Wilson’s plan for peace called?
14 Points

11 What were the main points?
No secret treaties Freedom of seas lower tariffs and promote trade reduce military self determination League of Nations

12 Who was Black Jack Pershing?
Led American forces in WWI

13 What were the Espionage act and the Sedition Act?
Allowed the postal service to stop treasonable and seditious material and to imprison dissenters who used disloyal speech

14 What was Schenck vs the United States?
Court case that said there were times when freedom of speech does not apply

15 Why did Russia leave the War
Why did Russia leave the War? The Bolshevik (Communist) revolution led to them signing a treaty with Germany Who became their leader? Vladimir Lenin

16 Why did the US Senate not go along with Wilson and sign the treaty of Versailles?
Senate did not want to give up powers of war that they believed would happen if we joined the League of Nations

17 What was the Red Scare? Fear of Communist and radical activity in the United States that would lead to revolution

18 What were the Palmer Raids?
Series of arrests of radicals and immigrants across the country as a result of panic over potential revolutionary activities

19 Who were Sacco and Vanzetti?
Two know anarchists of Italian immigration that were executed for a shooting at a shoe factory, their execution was based mainly on their race and not evidence

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