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Icebreaker Take out signed syllabus and pass to the front

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1 Icebreaker Take out signed syllabus and pass to the front
Prior Knowledge??? What are some causes to the start of WWI?

2 Assassination – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary in Serbia
Long Term Causes of WWI The causes of WWI can be explained through the acronym M.A.N.I.A Militarism – countries expanded their armies, competing to build battleships Alliances – All the major powers, were linked, made it more likely that a war would start, made it more likely war would spread Nationalism – an age that all nations wanted to assert their power and independence Imperialism – All the great powers were competing for colonies and territories Assassination – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary in Serbia

3 Militarism All European states had concluded that large military forces were essential for their national existence One, two, or even three years of service became mandatory Each of the Continental Great Powers had not only a huge army but a huge standing civilian army Naval competition between Germany and Great Britain…needed to protect their colonies, secure foreign trade and for the general purpose of greatness

4 Triple Alliance versus Triple Entente
Starting in 1870 Germany embarked on an industrial revolution of their own..(A “place in the sun”) German merchants started to appear in foreign markets around the same time offering goods cheaper than those of the British Germany turned up as a colonial rival of Britain and France in Africa, Middle East, and Far East Otto von Bismarck of Germany formed a military alliance in with Austria-Hungary to which Italy was added in 1882 forming the Triple Alliance The French faced by the Triple Alliance soon signed the Franco- Russian Alliance in 1894 Thus the continent was divided into two opposed camps

5 France & Great Britain Traditionally Britain practiced “Splendid Isolation” French recognized Britain occupation of Egypt, and Britain recognized French penetration of Morocco Agreed to support each other against protests by third parties By 1907 Britain, France, and Russia were acting together forming the Triple Entente

6 Crisis in Morocco & the Balkans
Germany was eager to test how far the British would go in support of France Kaiswer William II was in favor of Moroccan independence (mainly to break up understanding between France & Britain) The Old Ottoman Empire was ethnically and religiously divided First Balkan Crisis – Austria proclaimed annexation of Bosnia…this angered the Serbs who had marked Bosnia their own

7 The Sarajevo Crisis On June 28th, 1914 Gravrilo Princip of the Black Hand of Serbia assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand in the streets of Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, in the Austrian Empire The Archduke would have soon become the emperor of Austria gave Serbia an ultimatum demanding that Austrian officials be permitted to collaborate in investigating and punishing those responsible for the assassination The Serbs rejected and the system of alliances would come into effect…

8 Sequence of events that led to the outbreak of European war in 1914
June 28, 1914: In Sarajevo a Serbian nationalist/terrorist assassinated Austrian Archduke Ferdinand (the heir to the throne of Austria) and his wife  July 27, 1914: Austria invades Serbia causing Russia a secret ally of Serbia to mobilize for war August 1, 1914: Germany, an ally of Austria, declared war on Russia August 3, 1914: Germany, declared war on France and invades Belgium (as the fastest way for the German Army to reach Paris) August 4, 1914: Great Britain, ally of France, declared war on Germany

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