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Georgia’s Prehistoric Past

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1 Georgia’s Prehistoric Past

2 Use Your Book to Define These Vocabulary Words
archaeologist prehistory artifact Carbon 14 dating ecofact sherd atlatl effigy

3 What Does Prehistory or Prehistoric Mean?
Prehistoric means before written records were kept. People began migrating to Georgia from Asia across a land bridge called Beringia over 12,000 years ago. These prehistoric people came during the Ice Age when much of the Earth’s surface was frozen, following herds of huge mammals for their food.


5 Archaeology If people arrived in Georgia so long ago, how do we know about them? Scientists called archaeologists study the physical evidence called artifacts left by these ancient people to learn about them. Some examples of artifacts are arrowheads and sherds (bits of broken pottery). To find the age of an artifact, archaeologists use a technique called carbon-14 dating.

6 Into Georgia By 10,000 BC, prehistoric people had arrived in Georgia.
There are four prehistoric cultural periods of Georgia history: Paleo Indians Archaic Indians Woodland Indians Mississippian Indians

7 Mounds Beginning in the Woodland Period the Indians began building mounds for ceremonies and burials.

8 Effigy Mounds Effigy mounds are mounds built in the shape of animals. Rock Eagle is an example.

9 Mississippian Culture
The Mississippian Period (AD ) was the highest point of prehistoric culture. Villages were palisaded for protection and people lived in wattle and daub houses. Governments were organized into chiefdoms ruled by a chief. Maize (corn) was still the main crop and the bow and arrow the most used weapon.

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