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LEAF TOAD By David Gabel.

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1 LEAF TOAD By David Gabel

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Fish Reptiles Birds Amphibians

3 Animal Classification
The leaf toad is an amphibian because it is in the frog and toad family. They start off their lives in the water and later move to land. An amphibian changes from a tadpole to a frog or toad.

4 The Leaf Toad Is classified as an amphibian because it is a cold-blooded animal. It has brown bumpy skin and it breathes through gills when it is a tadpole. Then it breathes with his lungs when it is an adult.                     

5 Appearance Toads have poison glands called parotids. Toads have no teeth and most toads have bumpy wart skin. The females toads are larger than the male toads.

6 Animal Adaptation The leaf toad has brown bumpy skin to blend in with it’s surroundings.

7 Behavior and Social Habits
Leaf toads like to return to water to lay eggs They prefer thick forest with ground covered by leaves They go to slow moving streams to breed

8 Other behavior characteristics are:
They eat a variety of invertebrate animals They eat almost anything they can catch They hunt by sitting still and waiting for something to come by…then they ambush it

9 Leaf Toad Adaptations The leaf toads color helps him blend into his surroundings. Because he has a bumpy texture on his skin many other animals do not notice him. Although he has lungs he can stay under water for a long time and sometimes this helps him avoid his predators.

10 The Leaf Toad Report I hope you like my slide show.               

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