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Cold-blooded vs Warm-blooded By Cindy.

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1 Cold-blooded vs Warm-blooded By Cindy

2 Cold blooded animals like to bask in the sun to warm up to increase their metabolism*. Cold blooded animals do not have cold blood. A cold-blooded animal takes on the temperature around them. Where as a warm blooded animal makes their food into energy which keeps them warm. Cold-blooded animals are much more active in warm environments then in colder environments. metabolism* - to make your body energy into heat

3 Cold-blooded animals and their environments
Fish, amphibians and reptiles are cold blooded animals . If kept cold too long or warmed up too quickly a cold-blooded animal such as a reptile or an amphibian will die. Cold-blooded animals that live in the desert sleep under rocks during the warm days of summer to cool down their body temperature.

4 Iguana is a type of lizard.
This is an Iguana near the ocean basking in the sun. Iguanas eat insects and other meats.the average height is 64 and it’s weight is 520 lbs. Cold blooded animals have scales on them.

5 Some Fish in salty water and some live fresh water.
Fish eat plankton, fish lay really tiny eggs,they lay them in their redds. Fishes tanks need to be 82 degrees F. This is a harvest fish.

6 Warm-blooded animals and their environments
Many warm blooded animals, such as mammals have fur to keep them warm in the winter. Cats, dogs, apes, bats, tigers, mice, moose, beavers, elephants, gorillas, sloth, pandas, hamsters, horses, whales and dolphins are mammals that have fur too.

7 birds Birds uses lots of energy to fly.also they need to eat lots of food to fly and to have energy. Birds are a type of mammal. A bird eats worms and nectar A bird is a warm blooded vertebrate animal that has wings, feathers and a beak. A bird eats worms. Most birds can fly, birds have a strong heart and a special way of breathing.

8 Whales Whales are a type of aquatic mammal, and is a warm-blooded.
Killer whales and Short fin pilot whales are the fastest swimmers, they swim up to 30 miles per hour. The biggest whale is the blue whale,which grows to be about 94 feet (29m)- the height of 9 story building. Whales are not fish, their just mammals Adult blue whale have no predators except man.

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