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2 There are five different groups of animals with backbones.
They are: Mammals Fish Reptiles Birds Amphibians

3 There are things that make me know that an alligator is a reptile.
An alligator is cold -blooded. They breathe using lungs. The alligator’s skin is covered in scales. The alligator has babies by laying eggs.

4 Diagram of an Alligator

5 Appearance The alligator is black and gray. It looks like a lizard. He has 80 sharp teeth. He has 40 teeth on the top. He has 40 teeth on the bottom. The teeth are sharp because they need them to catch their food. They are meat eaters . They need sharp teeth to chew their food .

6 Appearance An alligator can run using their powerful legs. They have 5 toes on the front. They have 4 toes on the back. They have a strong tail that whips around. The tail and feet help the alligator swim.

7 Social habits Alligators fight because they want their own food. Alligator moms and dads live together. They lays eggs. Then the little ones will hatch.

8 Interesting Facts They hatch from eggs. They have hard plates covering the top of their body . Alligators are in the same family as Crocodiles.

9 Food Alligators eat fish, birds [black birds], meat , snakes, and crayfish .

10 Types of Alligators Chinese Alligator Saltwater Alligator
American Alligator

11 Nest They collect mud and plants to make a nest .
The alligator uses her back feet to make a hole on top where she can lay her eggs. Then she covers the eggs to hide them.

12 Newborn Baby alligators are 9 inches long when they hatch .
They have black bodies with pale yellow marks . The baby alligators calls for help from inside the nest

13 I hope you learned a lot about Alligators.
If you want to learn more, go to the library or look up Alligators on the internet.


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