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Basilisk Lizard and the Frilled Lizard

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1 Basilisk Lizard and the Frilled Lizard
Ryan Flurnoy

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
Mammals Reptiles Fish Amphibians Birds

3 Most Reptiles have these characteristics:
Most have scales. Breathe in lungs. Most are cold blooded. Born in eggs.

4 The Basilisk lizard is a reptile.
The Frilled Lizard is also a reptile.

5 Green Basilisk Lizard A Basilisk lizard lives in trees and rocks located near water. They like to live in the moist Tropical Rainforest of South America.

6 Basilisk Lizard The Basilisk Lizard looks like it can run on the top of water. They call it the Jesus lizard. It has extra skin between its toes. That helps it stay on top of the water when it run fast.

7 Another Lizard is the Frilled Lizard
The Frilled Lizard has a large, thin frill around its head to scare its enemies. It also opens its mouth wide and makes a noise.

8 Diagram

9 The Frilled Lizard                                     General The Frilled Lizard is cold blooded. It is a reptile, so its temperature is the same as the world around it.

10 Ending I hope you liked learning about these two lizards.
Frilled Lizard Basilisk Lizard

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