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Table of Contents Page 3: Introduction Page 4: Mission Statement Page 6: Driver Bio Page 7: Racing Highlights Page 8: Past and present promotions Page.

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2 Table of Contents Page 3: Introduction Page 4: Mission Statement Page 6: Driver Bio Page 7: Racing Highlights Page 8: Past and present promotions Page 9: Media exposure Page 11: Connecting with the fans Page 12: The NASCAR K&N Pro Series Page 14: Partnering values with our Racing Programs Page 16: Return on Investment Page 21: Logo placement on race cars Page 22: Closing Page 23: Contacts

3 Introduction Welcome to the racing world of Kelvin Hassell. Kelvin has been campaigning American stock cars throughout Europe for a number of years with much success. He is now racing them on their home soil over in the United States. This gives his marketing partners a unique opportunity for branding, leverage and activation in both the USA and in Europe. Kelvin’s “Key race” program is designed to offer maximum return on investment for his partners. This presentation is an introduction to both Kelvin and the K&N Pro Series and will offer ideas on how your organisation can benefit from an association with Kelvin Hassell Racing for this event and others.

4 Mission Statement As a driver, Kelvin represents hard work and dedication. Racing in the USA presents many challenges. Some are obvious, some less so, but all must be overcome if Kelvin is to reach his goal. Which is to always get to the checkered flag first. Kelvin makes his marketing partner’s goals his own. He knows that these goals must be achieved in order to be in the race to the checkered flag. Kelvin works to make sure his partners have a successful marketing campaign in full swing with proper quantifiable results before pulling his crash helmet on and “making news stories for leverage.” Or racing as we call it. We select partners on the basis of how we can help them. Not the other way around. Don’t think of us as a race team, think of us as a marketing company that isn’t going to charge you for a consultation! We are just one email or phone call away.

5 Kelvin is aware that racing in the USA leaves many of his UK fans behind, so he is sure to keep them updated through his website and social media. And be rest assured that they ALL know when Kelvin is racing in the UK or the USA. All of Kelvin’s UK based marketing partners make full use of local events as Kelvin directs media attention to his sponsors. Helping even modest investments go a long way in terms of advertising, leverage and activation. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed

6 Driver Bio Kelvin began Kart racing in 1993 taking his first win in his second start. He went on to win the Buckmore Park Winter Series. He added a short stint in the UK National Championship to his resume before moving up to cars on his 16 th birthday. Kelvin took numerous wins and fastest laps to a second place in the Modified Ford Saloon Car Championship. He then swapped the road courses for the ovals. His first stock car was a Baby Grand. He drove to second place in the National Championship after which he made the natural progression to Late Models. Kelvin has competed in Late Models and Sprint cars scoring a massive tally of wins before setting his sights on America. His aim is to see how far up the USA stock car ladder his talent will take him. Expect it to be a fun and exciting adventure that you will want to be a part of! © 2012 Marketing at Full Speed

7 Racing Career Highlights 2012 5 th in the Lucas Oils UK Sprint Car Series (Rookie season) 4 th in the UK Sprint Car Championship (Rookie season) 2010 6 th in the European Late Model Series (limited schedule) 2009 ERMC Home Champion ERMC Speed Champion 2008 5 th CAMSO V8 Late Model Championship 2007 5 th CAMSO V8 Late Model Championship 2005 2 nd Autosmart Baby Grand Challenge “Liberty Cup” This year will be a learning year for Kelvin yet again, with new cars and new tracks in a new country. As usual though, he will aim to be at the front of every race he is in! Expect him to put on a show!

8 Past and Present Promotions Our custom marketing programs include but are not limited to:  Shows and events  Merchandising  Hospitality  Fantastic corporate entertainment  Editorial  On-line and social media  Focal and point of sale  Professional brand representation  Loyal NASCAR fan base Aurora Bearings at Autosport International A young fan in the driver’s seat at the Lucas Oils tour Race Car Direct at ASI

9 Media Exposure Kelvin keeps all levels of media informed of his progress from his local paper to major international motorsport publications, not to mention TV and publicity appearances. A qualification in freelance journalism makes Kelvin a key asset where the media are concerned, with the right contacts to get the maximum exposure for his partners. Tell us about the specialist media in your sector and we can put you in the headlines.

10 (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed

11 Connecting with the Fans Kelvin is available on all social networking outlets and updates them on a regular basis. (When you get a moment, check out his blog! You’ll find it at the website!) This season Kelvin is hoping to take fan engagement to the next level with competitions to offer fans a full racing experience from the pit lane or the driver’s seat. One marketing partner has already jumped on board to be a part of this exciting new strategy! Don’t be left out! Contact us today!

12 NASCAR K&N Pro Series The NASCAR K&N Pro Series is the 4 th highest division on the NASCAR ladder. The cars are similar in specification and many NASCAR Sprint Cup teams also run Pro Series teams. The NASCAR K&N Pro Series is televised via the Speed Network. It has a designated time slot on Thursdays from 6- 7pm providing consistent messaging and destination viewing.

13 NASCAR boasts a strong multimedia program ensuring maximum exposure for it’s teams and drivers. NASCAR fan demographics show a true cross section of the general public. Our fan demographic breakdown is available on request. The Speed channel is carried by DIRECTTV, Dish Network and eight cable operators including Comcast and Time Warner. Speed can be found in more than 72 million households in the US and Canada. The K&N Pro Series shares three rounds with the NASCAR Sprint Cup including the Battle on the Beach which is held at the prestigious Daytona 500. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed

14 Partnering Values with our Racing Programs This season we want to turn NASCAR fans into raving fans of your business. We have opened with a new social media campaign and increased on-line presence. We want to thrust our partners in to the limelight and create, not merely new customers, but loyal customers. It is a well-documented fact that NASCAR fans use products and services that are associated with their favourite driver, this is your opportunity to get a piece of this pie. Get Kelvin Hassell Racing on your front line, working to improve your bottom line. Fan photos Kelvin talks technical at a trade show Clambering the fence to give a fan the first place trophy

15 An advertisement can be lost in the sea of commercials found on TV and other media. Kelvin creates the leverage to get your advertisement noticed. Tell us about your current marketing campaign and let us take it up a notch. We can make your marketing budget work harder and improve the effectiveness of your advertising. You will be surprised by the power our race team can provide. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed The Autosport International Celebrity Kart Race

16 Return On Investment – Exposure Values “I WANT TO INCREASE MY SALES!” We hear this a lot at Kelvin Hassell Racing. The fact is that the only thing that can increase longterm sales of a product or service is the quality of that product or service. An advertising agency or a marketing partner such as ourselves, can only open the door to increase sales. Leverage is the key. A partnership with us makes every cent spent on advertising work that much harder as well as providing cost effective marketing solutions in tertiary markets.

17 “What if we already have a marketing team and advertising campaign in full effect?” Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend 5% of your marketing budget on something that made the other 95% work 10% better? This is what proper sponsorship can do! We can work in conjunction with established marketing programs to add value to existing campaigns. Have you considered how other departments might benefit from your business having a race team? Productivity initiatives, corporate hospitality, team building, product development, customer feedback, point of sale, B2B networking, fund raising, joint promotions with other marketing partners, merchandising, an excellent form of entertainment and something every member of staff can be involved with. MWR-AHM photo shoot for the Argus Kelvin explains brakes at BMW World, Munich Ford Racing at MAX Power Live

18 “My business is small, we don’t have a marketing or advertising team.” That is no problem, we can work with you every step of the way. We will look at your business model and work a strategy to meet your budget and your needs. It costs nothing to talk to us. The point of our programs is that they are tailored to YOUR needs. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed Promotional event for Ready2Race at the Eastbourne Motor Show

19 “So how much does it all cost?” That will entirely depend on your company’s needs and how we best fit them. A short local promotion such as the NASCAR Whelan Euro Series at Brands Hatch, need not cost more than $5000. If larger promotions or a higher profile is required, the costs increase. If we look at our ARCA Daytona program, or NASCAR Trucks then we move into the $200,000 range. At this level, it pays for itself in TV exposure alone, before you start adding other benefits. People tune in to watch NASCAR. Only people in advertising tune in to watch commercials. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed Just some of the household names found in NASCAR

20 We quantify exposure using a mutually agreed model to make sure you are getting maximum value for money. We always aim to over deliver because it benefits all parties involved. If you want your name on a car doing the full 36 rounds of one of NASCAR’s top divisions while your marketing team takes care of the rest, we have you covered. If you want to do a short run competition to get some customer feedback and use a race car for a hook, we have you covered. If you want a complete, turn key marketing campaign, we have you covered. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed Promotional event for Lefthander Chassis Charity Truck Pull Indoor racing at Autosport Live

21 Marketing Partner Logo Placement on Race Cars

22 Thank you for reviewing this presentation. We sincerely hope it has given you some inspiration and insight into how the world of Kelvin Hassell Racing can help promote your organisation. If you would like more information or to arrange a meeting feel free to call or email Kelvin using the contact information on the next page. Examples of working sponsorship models, demographics and analytics are available on request. (C) 2012 Marketing at Full Speed

23 Contact Information and Research Links Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter! Everything is available through our website at www.kelvin- www.kelvin- You can call Kelvin on +44 7934 860 535 Email at kelvinhassell@ho kelvinhassell@ho Find out more about NASCAR at Find out more about the ARCA Series presented by Mernards at www.arcaracing. com

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