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Kelvin Hassell Racing Media, shows and publicity.

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1 Kelvin Hassell Racing Media, shows and publicity

2 Contents Page 3 Introduction Page 4 Local news Page 13 National, International and specialist publications Page 22 T.V and video Page 27 On-line Media Page 28 Social Media Page 30 Shows and other publicity exercises Page 41 How we measure exposure for our sponsors

3 Introduction This presentation is designed to show, in more detail, the kind of things we are involved with at Kelvin Hassell Racing. Hopefully it will give you ideas and inspiration on how Kelvin Hassell Racing can help raise awareness of your brand, product or services.

4 Local Media Our press releases are provided to all local media outlets, ready to print and with photographs provided. We enjoy extensive coverage in the Eastbourne Herald, the Hailsham Gazette and the Brighton Argus. We are happy to liaise with local media in your area if your catchment is outside of Sussex.









13 National, International and specialist publications Kelvin Hassell Racing has found it’s way into a plethora of publications each meeting the requirements of our various associates, if you have a preferred media partner or publication, we can provide editorial or work with their team to get you the coverage you are looking for.









22 T.V and video Kelvin Hassell Racing chooses races that provide maximum exposure for our partners and that includes Television. Have a look at the potential reach of our current top race programs.

23 NASCAR Wheelan Euro Series INTERNATIONAL TV BROADCASTING WITH MOTORS TV 40 COUNTRIES – 50 MILLIONS HOUSEHOLDS Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,

24 NASCAR K&N PRO SERIES The NASCAR K&N Pro Series is televised via the Speed Network. It has a designated time slot on Thursdays from 6-7pm providing consistent messaging and destination viewing. The Speed channel is carried by DIRECTTV, Dish Network and eight cable operators including Comcast and Time Warner. Speed can be found in more than 72 million households in the US and Canada.

25 ARCA RACING SERIES 5 Continents 37 Countries Over 10 Million Viewers ARCA Racing on FOX SPORTS and SPEED networks

26 Clips of previous televised appearances can be found by clicking the “Rowdyvision” link on our website. Rowdyvision

27 On-Line Media The world of on-line media is vast and in a constant state of flux. We frequently examine different on-line media outlets to see where we can make an impact as well as re-evaluating the outlets we use already. Obviously, the first place for any news is unless a release embargo dictates otherwise. News for each of the series we race in, relating to us, will naturally appear on their website. All get linked through our social Other places that regularly carry Kelvin Hassell Racing related news are, and Kelvin also writes for providing a personal insight to racing for a wider

28 Social Media 2014 is going to be the year for social media at Kelvin Hassell Racing. This year we intend to make full use of all the tools it provides in helping our partners to achieve their marketing objectives. Kelvin Hassell Racing is available on Youtube, facebook, blogger and twitter and we regularly uses these mediums to interact with our fan base.


30 Shows and other publicity exercises Kelvin Hassell Racing never turns down the opportunity to make a scene! Here is a small sample of things we have done in the name of entertainment. Autosport International with CAMSO

31 The Eastbourne Motorshow with The Eastbourne And Ram Motor Club

32 Autosport International with Aurora Bearings

33 The Autosport LIVE show with Currall Motorsport

34 Autosport International with Race Car Direct

35 Autosport International Charity Kart Race with Roots V8 Racing

36 Rockingham Race Day with Curral Motorsport

37 Product promotion with Albertsport Be Promotion with Currall Motorsport and Ferrari Ecosse

38 Race School with Roots V8 Racing Product promotion with Lefthander Chassis

39 Truck Pulling at the Lydden Truck Festival Max Power Live with Ford Racing

40 Karting with Team Awesome Service promotion with MWR-AHM

41 How we measure exposure for our sponsors We provide this model to help our sponsors evaluate our performance with regard to media exposure. We use this if the sponsor does not already have an evaluation model in place. We rate each item of media coverage based on two criteria: 1.The success of communicating the sponsor’s message. 2.The success in reaching the target market. In all our proposals we talk about what the sponsor wishes to achieve from the partnership. With regard to media representation, it must be clear and agreed on the exact message your company wants to send out and the exact audience it wishes to receive it.

42 How we measure the marketing message This is done using a scale from 0 to 10 0 = No mention of sponsor 4 = MAXIMUM number offered for visible logo OR a simple mention. (i.e. The #88 “Sponsor’s name” Ford Fusion ran a great race.) 6 = MINIMUM number allocated to communication of the sponsors message.

43 How we measure the target market Target market evaluation is based on the percentage of target market reached rather than overall circulation/viewers. We use a magazine or papers demographic information where available. An article in Car and Mechanic will be more beneficial to a company selling air filters than an article in Cosmopolitan, despite the higher circulation of the latter. We give 1 point for every 10% of your total target market reach.

44 Results We now have two scores which we multiply together to give us a score out of 100. Scores of 16 or lower are considered to be of little or no value to our sponsors. Scores of 16 to 36 are considered of medium value. Scores of 36 or more are considered high value.

45 What would score 100? A score of 100 would be the sponsor’s logo clearly visible and the sponsor’s message in the headline, on a magazine or newspaper dealing solely with the sponsor’s target audience. The reason we don’t attach a monetary value to media coverage is that it would be impossible to just buy the above example. It could only ever happen through well placed sponsorship. Depending on the type of sponsorship purchased, a graph will be made available to sponsors at the end of the sponsorship period to show the effectiveness of the media exposure side of the sponsorship package. For more information on how our media coverage can help you, contact us using the details provided in your marketing proposal.

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