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1 Email: Web: Blog: Fan Page: Skype: boreisaite

2 Becoming a Professional Network Marketer Part IV By Gediminas Grinevicius

3 Secret for Success Activity beats everything If you are depressed If the business is down Raise the activity – everything else goes away It is all about the doing – Solves problems – Gets rid of distractions

4 When you go full time? Minimum 3 years – Because by then you will have the skill-set built up The ‘story’ is a lot more relatable – Doing it ‘part-time’ Make sure your income is there – Solid 3-6 months – Stable structure

5 Approaching Cold Market Don’t for as long as you can What do you do... Yes it’s for real, I’ll get your contact info and I will give you a call later... You did a great job and I have something that might be of interest to you.. May be for you may not, let’s get a cup of coffee and we can talk more.. Don’t try to sponsor in the same environment where you met someone...

6 Getting people to Events Major events are so critical Let’s go together – we are going to have loads of fun and in addition to that we are going to learn so much. We are going to meet lots of new people We are going to experience the ‘stuff’ Let’s share car, room, get food from the supermarket. Give people reasons why to come? Future; Meeting others; Excitement; Passion; Fun; Adventure What will be the outcome from going there?

7 Talking to the Team In every conversation someone is buying and someone is selling. If your team member is giving you excuses and you do nothing about that – you are buying it If you motivate your team members into coming to events, doing the business and achieving things – you sold them that idea So stop buying excuses and start selling empowerment

8 Sceptical Warm Market 1.You are not there to convince them to do anything – no ‘come on, come on, came on’ 2.Don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome – make sure they understand what you do. ‘Might be for you – might not’ 3.‘NO’ – ok but don’t say later that I haven’t tried showing you. 4.‘Not for me’ – fine, no problem, if your situation changes – be sure to let me know.

9 Financial Lessons Eric Worrie – Millionaire Network Marketer 18 jobs before MLM Struggled for the first 2-3 years Rebuilt his organization 6-7 times Became one of the top distributors in his 2 nd MLM company Became president of a company Started his own company – personal development network marketing company Sold his company Became consultant for network marketing Went form 9million to 0 in 90 days Built an $100k a month MLM business again

10 Profits are better than wages Wage – working for someone else Profits – you work for yourself NO financial freedom in a wage system – Only Sports, Entertainment, Top Fortune 500 companies – The rest live payslip-to-payslip – Most people stay in wage system because of low risk and low reward Traditional business – enormous risk and massive investment Franchise – turn-key business, big investment Network Marketing – combines low risk and high reward by using leveraging – do something once and get paid forever

11 Time is the essence Few exceptions that make money fast $80k - $400k per month 8 – 21 years in the business Start again – fill in the calendar Secret - presentations

12 Do you have to ‘push’ the product? 1.Consumer web – enjoy the product 2.If I like it and someone has a need – I recommend/share 3.Let people know about your products 4.As your customers distributors start sharing the products your network grows

13 Email: Web: Blog: Fan Page: Skype: boreisaite

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