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From. Monitors employee attendance… … proves your commitment to customer service.

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1 from

2 Monitors employee attendance… … proves your commitment to customer service

3 is a simple solution to monitor that visits and checks by employees have actually taken place

4 is used by

5 care homes domiciliary care agencies cleaning companies maintenance companies security staff companies organisations operating with unsupervised staff

6 is supplied as a complete kit with everything you’ll need to start monitoring to start monitoring your unsupervised staff

7 The pack comprises a-Log software PC cable Identifier Mounting bracket Wand

8 Identifiers are placed at the location you wish to monitor and are about the size of a Pound coin. Identifiers Identifiers require no maintenance or batteries and are made of stainless steel

9 Identifiers Brackets are provided to mount them on a wall or any appropriate surface.

10 Wands Wands are allocated to the staff who use it to touch the identifier and thereby record the time, date & exact location of their attendance

11 PC Cable When convenient, download the attendance record from the wand into the a-Log software via the PC cable provided.

12 a-Log software The software allows customisation of the product to fit your business and collected readings to be viewed & analysed in various reports.

13 Let’s now take a look at some screens in the software …and see how easy it is to set up for your business

14 Enter your client or location details

15 Further information such as Address Contact details Contract details Locations can be added

16 Now enter your staff details

17 You are now ready to place the identifiers at their locations

18 Now issue the staff with their wands and start to accurately monitor attendance at any location.

19 Once the clockings have been downloaded, the software makes viewing the collected data very simple

20 Reports can be produced per employee

21 Employee Visit Times This report shows the actual attendance per site By Employee Automatically totalises the hours of attendance… …and details the times and duration of each visit Across any date range

22 Reports can be produced per client or location

23 This report shows the actual attendance at two client sites by any employee Client Visit Times Client Selection Date Range Selection Total Time at each site

24 Internet-based Reports are also available For those organisations that require centralised reporting from multiple local sites

25 You have just seen some of the main features of

26 And the cost? Less than you’d think!

27 An example system complete with 30 Identifiers 3 wands PC Cable Application software costs £525 ex VAT, carriage & packing

28 And this is what one of our customers has to say

29 “Our investment in the a-Log system has actually paid for itself in less than 6 months. In anybody’s terms that is a very rapid payback period.” Steve Tarbox, Housing Cleaning Manager, Dacorum Borough Council Dacorum B.C. has an a-Log system that monitors employee attendance at over 560 council property locations

30 For more information or to buy Call us on: 0845 225 7615 e-mail us on:

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32 Thank you for watching We look forward to hearing from you 0845 225 7615

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