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Creating a Staff Roster the way you do… …monitoring & analysing activity the way you would want to!

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1 Creating a Staff Roster the way you do… …monitoring & analysing activity the way you would want to!

2 Has been designed to bring time and cost saving efficiencies to the hours spent creating a rota, reconciling staff timesheets and producing a payroll output

3 Our customers include Care Homes Hotels Leisure Centres Golf Clubs Theatres Tourist Attractions Retail Outlets Supported Living Providers

4 Lets first take a look at the Rota Screen and see how the design of the software means that everything you need to record or change is found on the Roster screen Just like you do at present but with pencil and paper!

5 Heres an example of the main Scheduling screen main Scheduling screen All the information you need is at hand

6 All the information you need is at hand Automatic comparison vs. Contracted Hours – with colour coded warnings - if hours are exceeded

7 All the information you need is at hand A person can belong to two or more job functions or locations Colour Coding shows you instantly what job function the employee is working in Here the employee is working 3 shifts as a Senior and Acting Up as a Team Leader on one shift

8 All the information you need is at hand Staff can also be automatically paid at different rates for working in different job functions Just putting them on the rota in each job function will guarantee this will happen

9 And ease of use is a key design feature throughout the software

10 All the information you need is at hand Confirming the details of a shift Tooltips are used to show instant relevant information as the cursor is moved around the screen Helping you make more informed decisions about who is used to fill any spare shifts on the rota Providing contact and pay rate information

11 The rota screen is also an easy way for you to record any holiday, sickness, training or other absence type...

12 ...and the software will automatically report on any absence for any employee or any date range Take a look at the following screens

13 Any absence can be recorded on the rota by just a right click Training for example - Right Click on the day of the training and this window appears You can define any training courses (or any absence reason) specific to your organisation

14 Any absence can be recorded on the rota by just a right click Absences are colour coded to highlight them on the rota – and tooltips confirm the detail of each as you pass your cursor over any day And Holiday records can be viewed directly from the rota for any employee

15 Holiday hours queries Clicking on this icon button reveals a handy look up screen that allows you to answer staff queries on holidays taken and remaining instantly

16 Creating Your Rota

17 Notice that the current shift names you use – such as N for Nights, 8-4, L for Lates, etc – can remain Creating the Staff Schedule Click to select a Shift from this list… …and then click on the square to put these hours on the rota EASY!

18 Creating the Staff Schedule And if the shift is not one that is usually worked thats no problem... …simply right click on the rota and select the Add Shift option

19 Creating the Staff Schedule Then simply draw the times of the shift on the time grid

20 Creating the Staff Schedule The shift you have created can then be added to the list of standard shifts if required …and then select the pay rate that the employee is to be paid at

21 If you have staff that work some regular shifts in any week or within a repeating pattern… …then these shifts can be automatically placed on the rota for you each week Creating Your Rota

22 The Ideal Rota The Ideal Rota allows you to easily define the regular shifts any person works in any repeating weekly pattern... …effectively it allows you to set up a template rota which the software then uses to create the basis of the rota for any future week

23 The Ideal Rota Clicking on the Ideal Rota button changes the background colour so that you can see that you are not working on the live rota The functions you then use to create or modify the Ideal Rota are the same as you have seen for the live rota. So it is simple and consistent to use.

24 The Ideal Rota To create a new rota you simply click on the Copy From function...

25 ...and youll then be presented with a range of options which allow you to select exactly what you want to create in the Live Rota The Ideal Rota

26 An alternative Coverage view of the staff schedule... …provides a simple visual check that the rota has no gaps Creating Your Rota

27 Achieving the Correct Coverage The Coverage View Red highlights periods of under cover on any day in any job function Simply click on the period that you want to fill and a list of available employees will be displayed And green shows periods where you have the correct coverage

28 Achieving Correct Coverage The screen confirms how many staff are required to fill the gap And provides definable criteria to make finding suitable staff easier The availability of any shift can be advertised to any suitable staff by text message or e-mail

29 Achieving Correct Coverage Clicking on any employee name will show you the details for the day... You can see here that this person is already working in the you can see if it is practical to give them the suggested shift on the day....therefore asking them to work this shift as well would put them on duty from 8am until 8pm

30 Achieving Correct Coverage Clicking on OK to accept the extra shift automatically updates the rota You can see here that this person is already working in the morning... This amendment can then be confirmed with the employee by text message and/or e-mail

31 So youve created your rota …now you want to reconcile it to the actual attendance times of the staff

32 Attendance & Payroll Analysis

33 Can be supplied with or without staff clocking terminals So you can simply authorise that shifts on the rota were actually worked…

34 …or ask your staff to record their attendance electronically using a variety of devices like these…

35 …which then automatically compare the times of the shifts on the rota …the actual times from the staff attendance records AGAINST

36 If the attendance times agree with the rota then the shift is automatically analysed to the correct pay rate …and if not you are automatically warned to authorise any extra or shortfall in the shift hours

37 That means any period of additional or short time CAN NOT be paid unless it is authorised

38 Look at the following slide

39 Payroll Analysis The Exceptions Summary view shows only the discrepancies between the hours on the rota and the actual times of the staff for the chosen period

40 Payroll Analysis A RED block shows a period where the person was on a shift but DID NOT attend for any time A BLUE block shows a period where the person was present but was NOT on a shift on the rota

41 Payroll Analysis Right clicking on the screen will allow you to see a colour coded story of that day… …and approve or disallow any additional or short hours at any pay rate

42 This function means that no additions or shortfalls in time will be paid UNLESS you approve it

43 Employee hours can then be output to many leading payroll packages including: Sage, Pegasus, Access, Star, Northgate, Agresso and Swan

44 These are just some of the main features in The software also provides…

45 Multiple Pay Schemes/TUPE functionality Personnel Module & Diary Alarms Budgeting & Forecasting facilities Holiday Records & Sickness Trends reports Automated e-mailing of any report Financial Report Generator …and much more

46 And the cost? Less than youd think!

47 Prices start from just £575 plus VAT for a 25 staff system without clocking terminals And begin from £1250 plus VAT for 25 staff including a fingerprint reader to record staff attendance electronically

48 So move on from calculating manual timesheets and pay analysis...

49 Sensible functionality for todays businesses Complete package with options to suit your needs Back up and support from a UK software house serious about customer care Value for money and flexible solution

50 For more information or to arrange an on-line demonstration of Call us on: 0845 225 7615 e-mail us on:

51 In a few seconds this presentation will begin again... Either Why not leave it running to show to a colleague? Or Press escape to stop it

52 In the meantime, here are a few pictures of clocks! We look forward to hearing from you

53 Tel: 0845 225

54 Tel: 0845 225

55 Tel: 0845 225

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