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The Complete Administration System for the Domiciliary Care Provider.

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1 The Complete Administration System for the Domiciliary Care Provider

2 Contract and Visit details Care Plans & Care information Financial & Invoicing Staff Scheduling Visit Attendance records Payroll Analysis & Export

3 is a Practical Solution for the Domiciliary Care Provider…

4 …by being developed from working with Community Care Providers

5 The following screens show some of the features of

6 Starting with the screen that defines when & over what period contracted Home Visits are made …and be included or extra to a contract Defined for any day of the week Visits can be on-going or have a termination date

7 This automatically builds a complete record of required visits for each Service User… …that links to a Funding record for each Service User

8 You can define unlimited funder sources for any area or client type

9 …and automatically linked to the Funding record for invoicing against each Service User as they occur Any extra items can also be recorded

10 The software will also handle ad-hoc service user visits that are not arranged on a regular or contracted basis – such as for an independent budget holder… …In these cases you simply draw the required visit on the rota for the service user and assign the required carer(s)

11 You then determine per Funder the charge rate for each period of the day on which visits occur… …by drawing on a grid representing each invoicing period of each day within a week

12 Funder and Area link Invoice Rates

13 A different invoice layout per funder can be specified Mileage charges can be automatically included if appropriate

14 The specific charges for the visits can be defined for any date range… …together with how they may change on a public holiday

15 The same method is used to define the hourly rate for carers… …to ensure that they are paid correctly for the specific visiting hours worked

16 This very flexible design means that our clients can take on contracts across multiple authorities… …and always know that they will automatically invoice and pay at the correct rates for any contract they secure.

17 Now the Contracted and any other Visits need to be scheduled on the Staff Rota

18 …uses an Ideal Rota to help you schedule visits most efficiently

19 The Ideal Rota recognises that a scheduler is continually balancing… …the requirement to visit at the contracted time and provide a regular or recognised face to the Service User … against…

20 …the availability of Carers when staff go sick or are on holiday or just need time off

21 The Ideal Rota works by allowing you to define your visit schedule with a full complement of staff making visits with the most economical travelling times…

22 …and then automatically highlights the exceptions at any time to enable rescheduling using the actual Carers available The following slides highlight how the Ideal Rota works in practice

23 This screen shows the contracted visit requirements of the client for a week An hour visit each day at 7am And a half hour visit in the evening at 9pm Time Date

24 The screen also shows where staff have so far been scheduled to visit The blue band indicates a visit has been arranged for the selected carer The burgundy band indicates a visit has been arranged for another carer The yellow band indicates a visit has yet to be arranged for this day

25 A right click on the visit on the rota will then show the details of any day

26 So we now need to schedule Carers to visit for the other calls in the week Easy! Just right click on the required visit slot And select the option Find Carer for Contract

27 The window shows the Carers that work in the area of the call And their current visits for that day – together with some handy notes on each

28 You can then use some definable options that allow you to see the most appropriate Carer to use

29 And clicking on the rota will automatically insert the correct visit length at the selected time

30 If appropriate, this visit can now be made a regular part of the Carers schedule by copying the details to the Ideal Rota

31 In this way the Ideal Rota is used to create the basis of the actual visit schedule for any day.

32 But of course there never is an Ideal Day! The system therefore has functions to highlight exactly where gaps exist in the rota… …and allow you to schedule other Carers to visit

33 Gaps may exist because… A Carer has phoned in sick A Service User has gone into hospital A Carer is on holiday A Service User has passed away A new Contract Call is yet to be allocated to a Carer The following screens show how these situations are highlighted and dealt with

34 So if a Carer phones in Sick simply right click on the rota… …select the reason for absence and the day will automatically be shown in grey

35 Then run the Employee Exceptions function These gaps are then detailed in the Rearrangements window This highlights any visit that can not be performed due to staff absence

36 Clicking on any of the lines will allow the visit to be rescheduled to another Carer… …using the same facilities that you saw previously

37 By employee, by day, by any group of employees and by any date range Then the Rota can be printed or e-mailed or sent by text

38 Once the visit has been made You need to reconcile the attendance record of the Carer against the Rota …and also invoice the Client or Contractor

39 This can be done through manual reconciliation of carer timesheets to the rota… …or automatically by comparison with data received from an electronic visit tracking system such as our a-Log product or by telephone logging

40 a-Log does not require use of the service users telephone but provides a real time log of the visits as they are made. Theres a separate section on our website about the different ways you can record carer attendance so remember to have a look at that later...

41 Has functionality so that you can see the detail and, if you want, just the exceptions… The following screens show how

42 Reconciliation of Staff Rota to Attendance Record

43 Reconciliation can be run for all Carers or an individual basis as below The grid is colour coded to identify what happened on each Service User visit

44 Green means the Carer attended at the requested Visit time Red means the Carer was not there at the Visit time Blue means the Carer was there but outside of the requested time

45 The software prompts you automatically about any discrepancies These can be reviewed per Carer… …or across a definable range of Care staff

46 The screen identifies the Client, Carer, the Visit time and contract details… …and allows you to decide if you are authorising payment for the visit and therefore invoicing the client

47 Has very flexible invoicing facilities

48 Invoicing Unlimited invoice layouts Any date range Private and Contract clients Fixed Sum Contract invoices Optional Separate invoicing of additional items such as shopping

49 Has optional integration with Tablet PCs and mobile phones

50 So that Managers & Carers can view and record the latest rota and client information where ever they are

51 The Complete Administration System for the Domiciliary Care Provider

52 For more information on Call us on: 01892 834406 e-mail us on:

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