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LEAK-MASTER Welcome page No. 1 for gas safety equipment and gas control equipment Leak_master_praes_uk_30722.

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1 LEAK-MASTER Welcome page No. 1 for gas safety equipment and gas control equipment Leak_master_praes_uk_30722

2 security for packaging LEAK-MASTER features  Micro-leak detection system for packages based on CO 2  non destructive detection even of smallest leaks  no need for costly Helium  minimal response time  quick product change  for flexible and rigid packages  no calibration required

3 LEAK-MASTER features  operator friendly - data and process parameter entry by means of touch screen or keyboard  easy-to-use intuitive system - no special skills required  convenient data administration and evaluation for customer oriented quality documentation  various chamber sizes  independent from CO 2 -levels in the ambient air  easy installation and start-up  stainless steel cabinet (chamber and PC)  features WITT Leak-LOGGER administration of up to 99 users and 9,999 products security for packaging

4 screens OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER start screen please select the user please enter the user password for authorisation LEAK MASTER WITT- LOGGER security for packaging

5 products OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Product administration leak level measurement time vacuum in mbar need to be set by the administrator before testing please see the instruction manual for an exact explanation security for packaging

6 login OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER User selection with the user selection each user can log in individually. User Identification is a very important security feature. User selection is made safe by the entering the personalised password security for packaging

7 product search OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Product Selection Once the user has identified himself the next step is to choose the product to be tested. That can be done very conveniently either per touch screen, mouse click or keyboard security for packaging

8 testing OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Measurement Status Turning the LEAK-MASTER on there is a short warm-up phase. Also between two measurements a brief moment of readjustment is required. The measurement status is always shown automatically. Wait till the unit is ready for testing. security for packaging

9 insert OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Preparation for testing after the unit has indicated it is ready for testing, the sample is placed in the chamber according to the size of the sample the chamber´s volume can be adapted (blocks) security for packaging

10 testing OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER close the lid Testing push lid lightly place the lever on top > the unit creates a vacuum, and shows the results on the monitor after the predefined time security for packaging

11 results OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER status of measurement time status of measurement Test results after the measurement time the result is shown on the monitor security for packaging

12 product admin OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Product administration All data regarding the tested products may be exported or simply be printed using a standard printer Product administration also allows to conveniently add, delete or even search stored product data security for packaging

13 docu OXYBABY  VLEAK-MASTER Data documentation Test result may again be exported for further evaluation (e.g with Excel) or simply be printed using a standard printer all recorded data security for packaging

14 LEAKMASTER 1. quick results – saving time and money 2. variable analysis of various package sizes – only one unit for all packages It is also possible, for example, to check 2 packages in one test run 3. memory for 9999 test results, with 99 users 4. comfortable data interface to printer or PC – no manual data documentation needed - saves costly time 5. easy, professional and tamper proof administration of data for e.g. Quality Control 6. stationary use - also available with trolly on request 7. multilingual graphic display for true type text – minimal training, no special skills required 8. robust housing made of stainless steel - applicable for food and easy to clean 9. chamber size can be made to customers wishes 10. Standard power supply: 230VAC u. 380 VAC, other on request 11. No calibration of the CO2-Sensor necessary, easy operation 12. Control via industry PC with touch screen (optional with keyboard and mouse) 13. attractive unit package key facts summary quicker results smallest packages secure handling easy operation no calibration required

15 more information OXYBABY  V for more information please click here: technical data LEAK-MASTER security for packaging

16 Thank you ! thank you

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