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MUR-System Next We want with this PowerPoint show how easy it is to install the MUR-Systems hardware. You can try the full version of the software from.

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1 MUR-System Next We want with this PowerPoint show how easy it is to install the MUR-Systems hardware. You can try the full version of the software from our website, either with a MUR-Bag or demo machines. Demo machines generate stop causes automatically. We show how easy it is to install MUR program, and which modules are included. The display of this Power Point take 10 minutes

2 Installation MUR-System Company Ltd Next

3 Machine Production premises Install a MUR-Box at each machine Next

4 Machine Connection to machine Only one signal from the machine is needed A closed contact when the machine is in operation a contact that gives or impulses The advantage of getting impulses from the machine is that the signal provides information about: Number of produced unites Machine is active Number produced meters Production rate Next

5 Communications The advantage of MUR-Box is that it is connected to your local network. Your staff, dealing with your ordinary computers, can handle it. Wireless communications You use your standard Wifi networking. Connect an antenna to the MUR-Box. Cabel connections If your LAN network is installed in the premises, you can connect the MUR-Box directly with cable. Next Connect an antenna or connect a cable. Connect an antenna connect a cable.

6 Set stop cause You can set stop cause via Keybord Push button Mobile phone or tablet Terminal Next

7 Do you have long machines can multiple keyboards or push buttons can be placed on the machine (they are parallel connected). 20 meters Keybords Push buttons Next

8 Wifi connection If Wifi is not in your premises, it is easy to install. Place a Roaming Access Point in the production premises. Roaming Access Point All machines are connected. The data collection is running. Next

9 Several machines A cost effective way of measuring machines is to use MUR-EXP-10-IN. A MUR-Box with MUR-EXP-10-IN can you measure 11 machines in a cost effective manner. Place 4 MUR-Box with MUR-EXP-10-IN. Connecting machines to MUR-EXP-IN-10 (single cable from a closing or pulsed contact) With MUR-EXP-10-IN measure if the machine is active, the number of produced parts and machine speed. Stop Causes specified from MUR-Terminal Tablet and cell phone 44 machines Next MUR-Terminalortablets and cell phone

10 MUR-Bag A great and affordable way to get to know MUR-system and on home ground test it before a permanent installation occurs, is to rent the MUR-Bags. All in your company will have access to MUR-system with all its program. We ship MUR-bags to you. The MUR-bag is a complete pre-wired MUR-System, ready to use right away. The program do you download from our website. Next

11 MUR Programes Install Adductor Client on your computer and you have full control of the MUR System from there Next

12 Adductor Client is installed for free on any number of computers What you can do in the Adductor Client depends on what authority you have been assigned Next

13 MUR-View MUR View showes Machines status Machine comments Machines status Machine comments Next

14 MUR-Terminal MUR Terminal can be installed on Any computer Tablet Cellular phone Next Mobile Tablet

15 MUR-Respons MUR Response gives information when Next The machine stopped (at eg unmanned driving) When the operator needs help, eg in crash Once production has not reached a certain target When production reaches a certain target etc.......

16 MUR-Analysis MUR Analysis gives realtime information about Next Stop Cause time allocation Pareto - time Pareto - number MTBF (Mean Time Between Failer)

17 MUR-Operational Reliability MUR-Operational Reliability is the MUR-Systems maintenance system Next Maintenance according to the calendar Can repeat a maintenance task, e.g. oil change Provides a maintenance task when the machine has been in operation a pre-determined number of hours When production reaches a certain target Spare parts and supplier registry

18 Status Web MUR Staus Web gives you the machine status in real-time directly in your Next Computer Cellular phone Tablet

19 MUR-Gantt MUR Gantt creates a basis for dat in real-time programs and reports Next Adding up the work shifts Optional report length (day, week, month, year..) User-created report templates, unlimited templates Templates for exporting data to e.g. Excel Quick Reports, eg weekly report in a few seconds

20 MUR-Report MUR Report is a report program and OEE calculator Reports in the same way as in MUR Gantt Calculating OEE values ​​(tool for you as not have MUR - ERP connector) Next

21 MUR-Info Screen MUR-Info Screen is one of the most important tools in the improvement process Next The information is displayed in real time You edit yourself MUR-Info Screen, that your ideas are realized directly You can use MUR-Info Screen as a real-time report on your office computer Do MUR-Info Screen templates and distribute to your colleagues The following pages show some MUR-Info Screen which MUR users themselves have made

22 Next








30 Connections to MUR-Box Input Machine status USB LAN Digital Input Analog input External I/O bus Push button to enter stop cause Counter Speed measurement Etc. ……. Next

31 Connections to MUR-Box Output USB LAN Digital output External I/O bus Next HDMI (Screen connection)

32 Thank you for showing interest

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