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Mobilink IP 1 or 2 ch VoIP GSM Gateway.

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1 Mobilink IP 1 or 2 ch VoIP GSM Gateway

2 Content VoIP GSM FCT TOPEX FCT Products Mobilink IP Overview
Mobilink IP Main Features Mobilink IP Technical Specifications Mobilink IP Application Cost Reduction Scenario

3 VoIP GSM FCT Latest technology version to the classical analogue to GSM and ISDN to GSM terminals – used to connect legacy PBXs to mobile networks Usually fixed to mobile calls constitute around 50% from the company’s phone bill VoIP GSM FCTs are used to reduce costs and save money for the calls on mobile phone networks VoIP GSM Fixed Cellular Terminals are based on IP technology interconnecting an IP based PBX to the mobile network It allows the connection to several IP based equipments such as softswitches, SIP servers or Asterisk PBX

4 TOPEX FCT Products All range of Fixed Cellular Terminals: Analogue to GSM/HSDPA, ISDN to GSM/HSDPA, VoIP to GSM/HSDPA with 1 or 2 mobile channels Mobilink - Analogue to GSM - 1 GSM channel Voxell - Analogue to UMTS/HSDPA - 1 UMTS/HSDPA channel Mobilink IP - VoIP to GSM/UMTS/HSDPA - 1 or 2 cellular channels Mobilink ISDN - BRI to GSM - 1 or 2 GSM channels Voxell ISDN - BRI to UMTS/HSDPA - 1 or 2 UMTS/HSDPA channels

5 Mobilink IP Overview Small capacity VoIP GSM Gateway
Interconnection between IP based PBX, hybrid PBX with VoIP trunks, SIP Server, Softswitch to cellular networks Cellular networks supported: Quad Band GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Tri Band UMTS/HSDPA: 850/1900/2100 MHz 2 versions with 1 or 2 cellular modules – maximum 2 mobile operators supported Simple integration with VoIP equipments through SIP and H.323 integration

6 Mobilink IP - main features I
Advanced Call Routing engine for both incoming and outgoing calls Least Cost Routing module by: prefix, time and date, portability info or Caller ID NAT Traversal capability Advanced security with integrated firewall User friendly web based interface Local or remote configuration via SSH Dynamic CLIP routing

7 Dynamic CLIP Routing Through Dynamic CLIP Routing, incoming calls from GSM to SIP extension are always routed to the right extension according to the CLIP Routing table Missed Call From Call to Mobile Network Call to IP PBX Mobilink IP – SIM SIP Phone – Extension 222 Dynamic CLIP Routing to extension 414

8 Mobilink IP - main features II
Advanced SMS capabilities: Send SMS from Web SMS2Group SMS2 , 2SMS Call Back features VoIP protocols supported: SIP, H.323, TLS, RTP, RTCP, SRTP Voice Codecs: G.711 A Law, G.711 u Law, G.723.1, G.729a, G.729b, G.729ab, G.729e VAD, CNG

9 Mobilink IP – technical specifications
1 Ethernet connector – 10/100 Base-T – RJ45 type Mobile antenna – 1 or 2 antennas according to the cellular number of modules Magnetic antenna with 3m cable: 2dB gain Power supply adapter – 230 Vac, 50Hz, 0.3A to 1.5A Dimensions: 220 x 115 x 30 mm Weight: 400g Temperature range: Operation: 5 to 50 degrees C Storage: 0 to 60 degrees C

10 Mobilink IP – Application
2G/3G network SIP Phones 1 or 2 ch SIP, H.323 IP PBX ATA Web based interface

11 Mobilink IP – target users
Small and medium companies with IP telephony infrastructure Large companies with several branches – cost reduction in each office IP PBX distributors and manufacturers Mobile operators offering their services to business customers with IP telephony infrastructure System integrators – VoIP GSM gateway equipment integrated in a full VoIP solution for cost reduction Telesales centers calling cellular networks

12 Cost Reduction Scenario
VoIP to GSM calls without Mobilink IP Interconnection cost for calls up to 15 euro cents per minute!!! 15 cents cost 2G/3G network Through IP Network Call to GSM IP network 1 or 2 ch SIP SIP, H.323 SIP Phone IP PBX

13 Cost Reduction Scenario
Mobilink IP with SIM card – fleet / group subscription 0 cents cost!!! 2G/3G network Through Mobilink IP 1 or 2 ch Call to GSM SIP Phone SIP SIP, H.323 IP PBX

14 Cost Reduction Scenario
Important savings on company telecom bill by reducing cost from fixed to mobile network Cost without Mobilink IP – call from IP phone to a GSm phone:15 Euro cents / min => for 1,000 minutes consumed per month – 150 Euro bill cost only on fixed to mobile calls Cost with Mobilink IP – in case of using special fleet/group subscription the call from IP phone through Mobilink IP to a GSM phone – 0 cents / min => 0 Euro bill cost on fixed to mobile calls Fast Return Of Investments by using Mobilink IP in only 2 months!!!

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