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IP-PBX & Voice-Gateway Solution From Green Path Technologies Co.,ltd.

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1 IP-PBX & Voice-Gateway Solution From Green Path Technologies Co.,ltd. Email :

2 Contents Product & Solution Overview IP PBX Features Solutions Web Control Panel Summary

3 Product & Solution Overview IP-PBX places intelligence into voice services in your company and fully controlled from the center. IP-PBX replaces traditional and soon-to- expire or decommission PBX and analog phone.

4 Advantages of all approach Maintainability Simplicity Security Flexibility Reliability Low cost of investment

5 IP-PBX Features Full IP-PBX Solution based on Asterisk Supports both Analogues and Digital PSTN gateway (FXO/FSX,BRI,PRI,E1) Fully Support SIP User customizable inbound/outbound calls

6 Fully Features PBX User Customizable IVR Define call rules for different users and extensions Voice mailbox. Call parking and forwarding Music-on-hold and voice messages Call permissions

7 Connectivity Phones/faxes connect through analogue ports (FXS) Softphones and SIP Phone connect via LAN Wifi phone connect through Access Point Calls routed through existing telephone service (PSTN)

8 Interoperability Supports all common IP Phone with various codes (GSM,G729,G711,G726) Support Softphone, IP Phones, Wifi Phones Support upto 8 FXS or FXO or combined analogue interface. Digital service such as ISDN BRI PRI or E1 also supported by upgrading

9 Solutions Please note that customer is responsible for providing a personal computer for us. Either normal form factor, mini form factor or micro computer will be fine.

10 Solution #1 Work with your old traditional phones. Supports upto 4 internal traditional phones and 4 external landlines Suitable for customers who want to use existing traditional phones

11 Solution #2 Supports up to 4 external landlines (PSTN) Supports up to 20 internal IP Phones and can be enhanced easily with license purchasing. New IP phones are handled by IP-PBX Suitable for customers who want to replace traditional phones with new features enhanced IPPhones

12 Solution #2

13 Web Control Panel Easy to use Control everything from anywhere

14 Web Control Panel

15 Web Control Panel : IVR

16 Summary : Features and Benefits IP-PBX includes many voice services based on open protocols. Fully featured IP-PBX with voice mail, call routing, parking, music-on-hold,IVR,ACD Integrated voice and data High level of connectivity both IP & PSTN Interoperability with other devices. Web Management : Easy to manage via web browser. Scalable : Upgrade to E1 can be done easily by replacing voice card.

17 Thanks for your time Do you have any questions ?

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