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2N BRI Enterprise GSM Gateway.

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1 2N BRI Enterprise GSM Gateway

2 2N BRI Enterprise GSM Gateway
It is a dial thru gateway designed for small and medium companies to: Enhance their communication with customers Offer new way, how to be contacted by customers Cut call costs Offer SMS communication

3 Dial Thru Gateway 2 ISDN ports (1xNT and 1xTE)
Enable to use the gateway as “dial thru” What does it mean “dial thru” and what advantages does it bring? Gateway is connected on existing BRI line between the PBX and the PSTN provider Advantages No need to buy a new BRI port for your PBX or get new BRI line from the PSTN provider PBX does not need to be reprogrammed Current call routing is guaranteed + new functions may be used Quick installation

4 Dial Thru connection

5 External synchronization
This solution applies in a case, when 2N BRI Enterprise gateway is connected (via NT port) only to the PBX and not to the PSTN. NT BRI Lines Some PBXs do not support multiple sources of synchronization. With 2N BRI Enterprise this may be solved by connecting one of the PSTN BRI lines to TE port of the gateway. The PSTN BRI line is not affected at all and still works the same, providing only PSTN synchronization signal to the gateway. TE

6 Main Features Sophisticated Least Cost Routing
Call routing to GSM and PSTN based on prefixes, time, SIM credit 2 GSM channels CLIP Routing – calls from specific GSM numbers reach specific PBX extension AUTO CLIP Routing – the gateway remembers history of calls to customers with mobile phones and if they call later the SIM number in the gateway, they are automatically connected to the responsible person, who spoke to them last SMS At No Answer – if your customer does not pick up the phone, he/she gets an automatic SMS with the information, who was calling, which company from etc. CallBack possibility Alternate (balanced) SIM usage Usage of free minutes on SIM card

7 Other advantageous features
Very detailed Call Data Records Call Statistics Optional UMTS network support* All GSM frequencies support* Optional Ethernet interface for remote control over TCP/IP * Quick and easy programming Excellent tracing possibilities High-quality voice transmission * depends on the order number

8 3G BRI Enterprise 2N BRI Enterprise is also available with 3G/UMTS modules for networks UMTS/HSPDA 850/1900/2100 MHz EGSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900

9 Thank you for your attention Contact us:

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