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Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA Main features and applications.

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1 Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA Main features and applications

2 Content Overview Connections and Ports Optional modules Main Features VPN & Tunneling Web based interface Back-up & security features Cellular Network features Bytton Typical Applications Benefits

3 Professional router for advanced M2M applications High secure data transfer for professional systems 2 variants of equipment : single or dual SIM capability (back-up purpose between 2 cellular networks) Tri Band HSDPA/HSUPA coverage – 850/1900/2100 MHz Quad Band GPRS/EDGE coverage – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Advanced VPN module including: GRE IPSec L2TP PPTP, PPTPD Plastic or metal case – used specially in industrial environments and for special safety requirements Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA - overview plastic case metal case

4 Connections & Ports 4 x LAN - RJ45 connectors – Ethernet 10/100 Base-T 1 x WAN – RJ45 connector – Ethernet 10/100 Base-T 2 x USB2.0 connectors 1 or 2 SIM slots depending on the version used 1 SMA male antenna for mobile connections & 1 SMA male antenna for Wi-Fi module 1 x DB9 or DB25 serial interface – optional 1 FXS & 1 FXO – only one simultaneous active – optional Wi-Fi embedded module – up to 256 terminals connected - optional WiFi antenna Mobile antenna SIM slot Power Supply connector FXO connector FXS connector 2 x USB2.0 connectors 5 x Ethernet connectors 4xLAN +1xWAN Note: The figure above describes the usual connectors for Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA with 1 SIM - WiFi & voice module included, without serial interfaces

5 Optional modules Analogue Voice 1 FXS interface – POTS connection 1 FXO interface – Analogue PBX connection Call status display on the web based GUI Wi-Fi module 802.11 b/g compatible module Access Point, Station or Bridge operation 2.4 GHz frequency band supported RS232 serial interfaces DB9 or DB25 serial connector XOT protocol supported = X.25 over TCP/IP Connection of serial devices: ATM, POS, Concentrators GPS module Special applications such as car fleet management 20 channels available Velocity – up to 500m/s and up to 5G acceleration

6 Main Features I Proprietary software platform – Linux based NAT Traversal and built-in firewall Static and Dynamic Routing through RIPv.1, RIPv.2, OSPF, BGP Integrated Ethernet switch (4 ports) with management and Layer 2 QoS according with 802.1p, 802.1q Secured web based (https) administration and configuration interface Remote management through: HTTPS SSH Telnet CLI SNMP

7 Main Features II Advanced SMS module: Send and Receive SMS from web interface SMS 2 Group – send the same SMS to several mobile numbers SMS info about equipment status: connectivity, signal level AT Commands for cellular module DHCP & DNS Server, Proxy DNS client, Dynamic DNS POTS and PBX analogue voice through FXS and FXO interfaces Local time synchronization using NTP protocol Status display through optical indicators (LEDs) associated to each interface PPP and PPPoE connectivity

8 VPN & Tunneling VPN tunnels used: IPSec, GRE, L2TP (server tunnel), PPTP (client tunnel), PPTPD (server tunnel) GRE tunnels used for the transport of multicast packages and non-IP traffic IP Sec tunnels: Network to Network, Gateway to Gateway, Road Warrior DES, 3DES, AES encryption protocols Encapsulation into IP packets - ESP protocol Identity authentication of peers through symmetrical Pre Shared Key (PSK) or non symmetrical Public RSA key Automatic key negotiation and services establishment through IKE mechanism MD5 and SHA1 authentication algorithms Diffie Hellman algorithm used to securely exchange the keys that encrypt data IKE lifetime setting top establish the duration of keying channel of a connection before being renegotiated Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) - the decryption of a key has no impact on the security of other keys

9 Web based interface HTTPS web secured access Several menus for configuring system parameters LAN & WAN configuration Routing settings SIM card parameters Web or IP camera connection Voice & SMS sections

10 Back-up & security features Multiple fail-over possibilities: SIM card 1, SIM card 2, external USB modem or fixed Ethernet lines MAC address filtering, DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) SPI and DoS - intrusion protection Authentication using PAP and CHAP protocols VPN and IP Tunneling protocols Secure HTTPS access to configuration pages Secure SSH remote management

11 Cellular network features I Tri Band HSDPA/HSUPA coverage – 850/1900/2100 MHz with fail down capabilities to Quad Band GPRS / EDGE coverage – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Download Data Transfer Rates: HSUPA: 7.2 Mbps HSDPA: 7.2 Mbps GPRS/EDGE: 236 Kbps Upload Data Transfer Rates: HSUPA: 2 Mbps HSDPA: 384 Kbps GPRS/EDGE: 236 Kbps Technology: HSPA category 8 – 7.2 Mbps HSUPA category 5 – 2 Mbps upgradeable to 5.76 Mbps EDGE/GPRS MS Class 12

12 Cellular network features II Power Class 850/1900/2100 MHz WCDMA Power Class 3(+24 dBm) 850/900MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE GSM Power class 4/EDGE E2 1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE GSM Power Class 1/EDGE E2

13 Bytton – Typical Applications Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA equipment can be used in different types of applications specially in M2M environment ATM Banking – connect banks ATM network Professional back-up – mission critical applications Lottery and Betting – secured connection for lottery and betting terminals Retail – interconnects POS terminals Telemetry – data acquisition and secured transfer to processing facility Wireless video surveillance – used in sites where fixed lines are not available Customized and special applications – GPS surveillance, mobile internet

14 ATM Banking Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA used to transmit ATM data to central location HSDPA/HSUPA FXS ETH or RS232 ETH GRE IPSec VPN GRE IPSec VPN Bank HQ TOPEX Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA ATM location with surveillance and customer support phone

15 Professional Back-up Bytton offers a complete professional backup solution, allowing for secure connectivity of internet access, voice services for companies that require an always-on connection

16 Lottery & Betting Data acquisition from different branches regarding tickets and other commercial activities – X.25 traffic tunneled through the IP network Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA Router IP Network Mobile Network 2 NOC RS232 ETH Ticket machine Lottery display IP Sec tunnel (main connection) Mobile network 1 3G network back-up x Main link failure 3 rd back-up connection available

17 Retail Secured connection for POS and card readers terminals

18 Telemetry Secured data transfer from remote locations to the processing facility, where useful information can be extracted from the data received remotely

19 Wireless Video Surveillance Transfer of video stream from sites with no fixed line Internet – for instance construction site

20 Fleet management Allows the localization and transmission of info related to the geographic position through integrated GPS module Bytton receives through GPS module the exact location of the monitored vehicle and transfer the info through the HSDPA/HSUPA network to the central location IP Network HSDPA/HSUPA network TOPEX Bytton NOC back-up link

21 Customized solutions Every customer is unique, thats why Topex Bytton can be customized to match the customers specific requirements. AC and heating applications - temperature conditions based on the occupancy information in a hotel. TOPEX router connects to the hotel controller and sends the information to the management center delivering this way reliable information about the conditions in the hotel. Medical applications - collecting information from dispersed Blood Banks or Nurse Stations and sending them to the Management Center Street Lamp Project - In cities with street lamps with integrated PCB (printed circuit board), the information on each pillar is sent to the Intelligent Concentrator Head End (ICHE). Then, connected to the wireless router, all data is sent to the Electricity Provider that collects the information from the ICHE units around the city. Information gathered can include power consumption, bulb life expectation or failure.

22 Bytton HSDPA/HSUPA benefits High data rates through reliable HSDPA/HSUPA networks Secured communication through IPSec, GRE, L2TP, PPTP, PPTPD tunnels Dual SIM version assuring real time back-up between 2 different cellular networks Multiple back-up possibilities: dual SIM capabilities, external USB modem, fixed Ethernet connection Powerful management support Interconnection of several devices such as: lottery and betting terminals, POS, ATM machines Advanced web based administration and configuration interface Replacement of equipments installed and configured at customer premises – switch, router, HSDPA modem

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